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Hi everyone !

I just installed MacOSX Catalina 10.15.7 on my laptop. I worked few days on this project and now it's booting... I got few problems, I hope you can help me to figure out !

My first goal is to make touchpad working.... It's just not working and it's the first thing I want to fix. If anyone got any tip or if I can send you more information with software or anything please tell me. I can share EFI folder if needeed !

Hardware details,

Computer :ย Acer TravelMate P215-52
OS :ย Windows 10 2004 & MacOS 10.15.7
CPUย : i3-10110U
RAMย : 12 GB DDR4 Memory
HDDย : 250 GB SATA SSD & 240 GB M.2 NVMe SSD
Screenย : 15.6" 1980x1080
Keyboardย : AZERTY

For now I am here :


โƒ Internal Keyboard (sometimes I need to reboot to make keyboard works...)
โƒ Internal Microphone
โƒ Internal Speaker
โƒ Internal SATA Port (for me 250GB SSD)
โƒ GPU acceleration (2048MB)
โƒ Screen Brightness
โƒ USB ports (ALL 3 of them)
โƒ Internal Webcam
โƒ Internal Ethernet
โƒ Jack 3.5mm
โƒ FN keys for sound ( + / - / MUTE )
โƒ Internal Wi-Fi chip
โƒ Internal Bluetooth


โƒ Internal Trackpad
โƒ Battery percentage
โƒ FN keys for brightness (wrong position) but works with setup under MacOS settings
โƒ HDMI (PC is slow, keyboard stops working when plugged in)
โƒ Sleep (screen only turns off, but no sleep)
โƒ Internal NVMe M.2 port

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