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How to enable VoodooI2C during install?

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 I have Asus X556UA (I7 7500U, 8G ram, 256 SSD, iGPU only) with ELAN touchpad, default EFI for 200 series doesn't work and old and file fails too.
Unlucky for me, the laptop only have one working USB port (the other was...killed in action)
I'm sure there's a way to enable it during install.
Thanks for all the help.
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I've managed to solved it, the EFI folder was corrupted for some reason, used MacOS to write correctly. 

Now I have a new problem, the installer just won't go on, it stuck on 17 minutes remaining, no idea how to get a log if there is one. Big Sur with OpenCore. Used two different DOKs, both getting to 17 minutes and get stuck. :-( 

I'm just unlucky this time around, I already had it hackintoshed and it work great. /cry /cry /cry

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