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Patch for Qosmio X505 - Intel PM55


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Can you extract a DSDT using the link below and save it as .dsl and attach it?

Make sure you either extract a DSDT file on a fresh installation or use AIAD64 on windows.


Remember DSDT alone cannot make everything work you need other kext (drivers).

To get the correct kext run systeminfo http://Olarila.com/kexts/

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That does not mean that if it works on Toshiba, it will work on Qosmio.

Will the audio and ethernet work?

Thank you very much!

Later edit: so what I have to do now is to reinstall OS X, then open multishit, select UserDSDT Installation and install it with the .aml you attached on the desktop?

Can I create my own kext for the Wi-Fi card?

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Rename the file as DSDT.aml and keep it on the desktop.

Open multishit and select

User DSDT.

latest voodo for audio.


Nullcpupowermanagement. (For now later can be removed)

PS2 kext for trackpad.

Atheros either net.

Chimera 1.11.1.

System Macbook pro 8.1 or the one which close your config (Latest chameleon wizard is best to to edit SMbios.plist)

Hope this helps..

Can I create my own kext for the Wi-Fi card?

I had that same wifi card and never got a kext for it. Google it and you will see many people are waiting for the kext. if you find the kext let me know.

I have replaced my wifi card with 9285, brought on ebay for £5.

If your system supports 9280 halfmini buy it this card works OOB and cost only few bugs.

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