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Can some one please make me a DSDT.aml

for my

AsRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional


With ALC898 Patched.

Everytime i boot, sometimes i cant click on anything or even move the mouse and the keyboard isnt working,

my research has shown my its because i dnt have a proper DSDT. Please someone make one for me!

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Thx Bud, i created and applied the DSDT!,

though i'm still having the same problem.

Everytime i boot the os the second or third time,

it will boot and the mouse wont move and the keyboard doesnt work,

i think it has something to do with my Motherboard,

is this a ACPI problem, USB problem, DSDT Problem, Or Bios problem,

I'm killing myself, i really want Mountain lion to work so bad!

Please help Thankyou!

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jazzstar10, First thing is Z77 Boards don't need a DSDT. (unless you have a HW that you want to enable through DSDT)

Using a DSDT without patching makes no difference coz DSDT edits are very imp.

I think the issue is your BIOS settings.

Try and update your BIOS to latest version 1.3. If you are already on 1.3 then reset the BIOS to factory settings.


No-Execute Memory Protection - Yes

ASRock boards don't support Power-management OOB, either BIOS should be patched or AICPM kext should be patched.

Where did you get the copy of OSX ML?

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