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Partitions gone in Clover after incomplete HIGH Sierra Update! Help required...

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Hello i need help a machine that worked fine so far with High Sierra. The was a security update pending in mac OSX. After booting the user missed to use the install partition. then he updated KEXT and tried to update again. After another boot-up there were no more partitions visible in Clover. What is the right move to save this installation? Please let me know...


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Unfortunately we have an issue that was / is frequent with the 2020 image of High Sierra / Also the old High Sierra Image from 2018 shows the same error:

'using 16384 buffer headers and 10240 cluster IO buffer headers'

Will try the Catalina image (Olarila) now to see if it still is the same issue (I guess it will be). Any recommendation how go forward? BIOS is Updated to Version 15B. It is a Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 OP (OP deactivated). It worked before without issue.

ok the Catalina disk seems to be working. I will post the requirement kexts in case everything goes well.


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