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Time Machine hourly backup fails

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My system is built on a GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 riv 1.3 board using an Intel core I3 3.1 Ghz chip. The graphics card is an EVGA GTX 660-ti. OS X is at the 10.8.1 level. The BIOS is flashed with UEFI U1H.

I installed using unishit & multishit for ML. with no DSDT file. Most things are working correctly. Except, I just noticed that Time Machine, which had been working correctly before the UEFI bios, has started failing on the hourly backup. It says the backup is delayed and gives an error message stating that the reason for the delay is that the system was in a "poor thermal state"

If I select "backup now" it appears to function correctly. And, I can enter Time Machine - move back a few days and restore erased files. Those functions appear to be working. Just not the automatic backup.

I have searched this forum and also used Google searches looking for an answer and found none. I am hoping that someone reading this can help me locate a solution and get Time Machine working again.



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