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Opencore Vanilla Guide 2021 - Folder for Chipsets / Monterey Ready - Desktop and Notebook

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-Bios Configuration --> Disable CSM / SATA Mode AHCI / If need disable Secure Boot

-UEFI Mobos just paste EFI folder into EFI partition


-Download Folder (Opencore 0.7.1)






-Glossary Kexts

AirportBrcmFixup.kext - An open source kernel extension providing a set of patches required for non-native Airport Broadcom Wi-Fi cards.

AppleALC.kext - An open source kernel extension enabling native macOS HD audio for not officially supported codecs without any filesystem modifications.

AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext - Atheros onboard LAN driver for macOS.

CpuTscSync.kext - It is a Lilu plugin, combining functionality of VoodooTSCSync and disabling xcpm_urgency if TSC is not in sync. It should solve some kernel panics after wake.

ECEnabler.kext - Allows reading Embedded Controller fields over 1 byte long, vastly reducing the amount of ACPI modification needed for working battery status.


FakePCIID_Intel_I225-V.kext - Intel onboard LAN driver for macOS. Need FakePCIID.kext.

IntelMausi.kext - Intel onboard LAN driver for macOS.

Lilu.kext - An open source kernel extension bringing a platform for arbitrary kext, library, and program patching throughout the system for macOS.

LucyRTL8125Ethernet.kext - Realtek onboard LAN driver for macOS.

RealtekRTL8100.kext - Realtek onboard LAN driver for macOS.

RealtekRTL8111.kext - Realtek onboard LAN driver for macOS.

RestrictEvents.kext - Lilu Kernel extension for blocking unwanted processes causing compatibility issues on different hardware and unlocking the support for certain features restricted to other hardware. The list of blocks currently includes:


RTCMemoryFixup.kext - An open source kernel extension providing a way to emulate some offsets in CMOS (RTC) memory. It can help you to avoid some conflicts between osx AppleRTC and firmware/BIOS of your PC.

SmallTreeIntel82576.kext - Intel onboard LAN driver for macOS.

USBInjectAll.kext - Basic USB Solution

VirtualSMC.kext - Advanced Apple SMC emulator in the kernel.

VoodooPS2Controller.kext - New VoodooPS2Trackpad uses VoodooInput's Magic Trackpad II emulation in order to use macOS native driver instead of handling all gestures itself.

WhateverGreen.kext - Lilu plugin providing patches to select GPUs on macOS.



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We're all here to have fun and learn from each other!

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7 hours ago, mus68 said:

Thank you ! Obrigado !



5 minutes ago, T19 said:

but the boot after verbose is really slow.

Post one Full Dump with Ioreg.

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