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A lot of problems, Help me!

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At first...

This is my system:

MB: Asus P8H61 USB3 (Audio: Realtek ALC 887)

Graphic: AMD Radeon HD 6870

CPU: Intel Core i3

I used unishit (an app from tonycrapx86.com) to make a bootable usb.

I installed Mountain Lion completely. (before the installation, I removed "ATI6000Controller.kext" from USB/System/Library/Extensions )

after the installation, I put "ATI6000Controller.kext" in desktop and I used KextBeast to install it. (according to this page : http://www.tonycrapx86.com/mountain-lion-desktop-support/60730-mountain-lion-6xxx-gpu-issues-fix-inside.html )

but after the restart, it still can't known my graphic card and I have a very low resolution. :cry:

the main problem is...

when I install the multishit, After the Restart, I can't boot to my OS (it gets a black screen). :x:|:?

and another problem, when I use Mac OS, the fan of my CPU start moving fast! (it is noisy!)

but the CPU usage is about 5% !

before, I heard this noise when the CPU usage was high (e.g. 90%) in the Windows.

I didn't install any DSDT, is it because of that?

If you know What I have to do, Please tell me. :roll:

If you know a tested way for Install ML on my system, Again Please tell me!

If you Know someone who installed ML on same system, give me his email.....

and last question...

Why I have to install my motherboard DSDT?

What does DSDT do ?



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so post again and see what u post...

if have problems, post u problems, not tonycrap utils problems, if any problem related with tonycrap tools post there in her site.

good hack

PB Easy Note TM 86 - i5 430 M - H55M - Ram - 6 GB - Alc272 - Radeon HD 5470 512 QE/CI

Lenovo G500 - i5 3230m - HM77 - Ram - 8 GB - Conexant audio - HD 4000

My OS X Files 

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