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Dell I7559 Big Sur problem

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Hello fellow contributors, I'm currently having a problem with my installation of 11.3 OS X Big Sur on a Dell i7559 Laptop.

The process I followed was that I downloaded the olarila Image, flashed into a usb, installed it and got set up. I used an external mouse and keyboard to set it up. After the first boot, I started with the post installation part, according to the step to step tutorial, I executed the repair olarila app, it did something on the machine and then it requested to restart.

When it restarted, the pc just lost the ability to use any external usb device(mouse and keyboard), but it boots up fine though(using clover). I wanted to know what can I do to fix this problem at the time being. Any log file, any file you need, I can provide it, just tell me how I can do it to dump it, because I'm pretty new in this hackintosh business.



Intel core i7 6700HQ 2.6 gHz

8 gb ram

Intel HD Graphics 530

OS X Big Sur 11.3

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On 5/2/2021 at 9:49 PM, MaLd0n said:

Check Olarila Tutorials and Useful Links!

-OpenCore Vanilla Guide

-Clover Vanilla Guide

-Useful Links

-Premium Users

Hello! I followed the Clover vanilla guide from scratch and nothing. I tried to start over again doing the install from zero but even the external mouse and keyboard on the installation process doesn't work. Am I doing anything wrong? Also I don't have a Mac system to do some fixes that are indicated in the useful links. Sorry for the trouble!

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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

use this folder and configure quirks if need


Hello again! Just tried putting that in the bootable usb and it doesnt work either, but something I noticed about the usb ports is that when the it is loading to boot mac os it says "AppleUSBHostPort::createDevice failed to create device", that's when im trying to boot with a clover EFI or opencore EFI. Also, the opencore EFI did not boot either way, it said something about the DSMOS and just rebooted the pc. I'm going to try and format the drive and do a clean install, wish me luck! Also if you have any other suggestion im open for it!


Update: I disabled the quirk XHCIPortLimit and stopped in this, then it crashed and rebooted. It's strange, the first time I didnt even had to configure the config.plist to install and run mac os.spacer.png

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