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New Asus Z590 Prime-Plus - UHD 630 - no IGPU output - black screen

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Hola amigos 😜

My build is Open Core 0.6.8 | Catalina 10.5.7 | Asus Z590M Prime-Plus | Intel i5 10400 | IGPU intel UHD 630 | Corsair VENGEANCE 8 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz | Plextor NVME M2 256 GB | Gigabyte SSD 256 GB | PSU Corsair CX 550 W |Dell P2418D 2K DP-HDMI.

I can't make IGPU output to work and I tried all the patches using Hackintool and add them into the Device Properties. What is weird is that the same CPU but with an older mobo z490 works perfectly fine.

In the Bios I have selected CPU Graphics and DVMT Pre-allocated video memory to 64MB, in the Menu I can also see video output AUTO,PEG and PCIE.

Using screen sharing I was able to see that Hackintool was showing video decoder fully supported but my display was not recognized  also made a ACPI dump pre boot and took screenshoots.

I need help with a patch ❤️, thank you 🙏.

ACPI dump.zip media.zip

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