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Help!! solution for graphics acceleration intel hd graphics 4400 / core i5 4th / Lenovo thinkpad yoga s1

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Hi, I need help. i just installed high sierra open core to my lenovo thinkpad yoga s1 laptop, use dortania guide for config.plist configuration. The problem is that I do not have graphic acceleration and that it has 7 mb. I attach photos and my EFI folder. Greetings from Bolivia.

Lenovo Thinkpad yoga s1 / core i5 4th / intel hd graphics 4400 /  RAM 8 gb 


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Thank you for responding and for your kindness in helping those who are beginners.

I tell you that I did the patching like this in the link you gave me but there is a problem that when starting and being on the login screen you see the image with errors, I close the laptop screen, I open it again and it fixes, recognizing the iGPU and graphics acceleration.

The problem is only when I turn on the laptop and it reaches the login. you help me please?

Attached photos.


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