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[AMD or INTEL]I need a new Hackintosh. Help Me!!

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My 2013 Hackintosh is dead.
It is time to renew, I will only keep the SSD hard drives, the RX580 graphics card, power supply and maybe the main box.

I have many doubts and I hope you can help me.

Clover or OpenCore?
I went from Chimera and then Clover, OpenCore I have not tried it and I do not know if it is still in experimental or beta phases.
What would be the best option, considering ease of configuration and vision of the future?

I was always from INTEL and especially so that Hackintosh was as native as possible.
AMD Ryzen I like a lot, for performance / price.
But I claim the same thing that I said before, thinking about simplicity of configuration and future views, what is the best option? I am aware that maybe 3/5 years from now Apple will no longer support X86 and will focus entirely on ARM.

Therefore, with a budget of 1000/1500 euros.
What configurations do you recommend, both in AMD and INTEL.

Motherboard (would be interesting Thunterbolt 3 Native) =
RAM (32Gb in a single slot, to have 64 / 128Gb in the future) =
Cooler (I prefer air, better than liquid) =
Spacious and quiet box =

I don't think I left anything.

Thanks a lot.

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