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Hello all!

I'm trying to completely disable my GTX 1060 and use only my second GPU GT 740 for Hackintosh.

I've follow both options from Dortania's GuideĀ https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/extras/spoof.html#windows-gpu-selection

But the Issue here is that I can spoof it alright, but I still have issues with audio controller of GPU, which gives wake issues for my system.

I've tried disable it via DeviceProperties and SSDT and both outputs the same result, it shows "Display" and "NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 on System Report and IORegistryExplorer.

If I physically remove the GTX 1060, my system as no issues to sleep/wake.

Is there anyway to completely disable GPU and all its components?

Thank you.

My Specs:

MB: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite (rev1.0)

CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz 2x8GB

GPU: MSI Gaming Camo GTX 1060 6G

GPU: Gigabyte GT 740 2GB

OS: macOS BigSur 11.2.1

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Thanks @MaLd0n! It did disappeared from Graphics Tab on System Report.

So as I checked on this DSDT you've changed name and IOName to #Olariala instead of #display and changed the pcideviceName am I right?

Is it possible to create a SSDT for this change only and drop the DSDT and RebuildRegion? Or can I still add other SSDTs?

I'm asking this because I've disabled the XHC0 to be shown as "AppleUSBXHCIPCI" to fix USBSleep on AMD

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use ur ssdt for that with dsdt

many patches dont work with ssdt and have only via dsdt. is the best and real vanilla, inject, remove, etc

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I tested it with the DSDT and the other SSDTs I've compiled, and it injected properly!

I think this is an important topic for this kind of issue with fully disablingĀ of dual GPU that's doesn't work with SSDTs SPOOF injectection.Ā 

Thanks for the support!

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