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Nvidia to RX580 Transplant ... should just work?

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I've not touched anything yet. The Gigabyte RX 580 I ordered came today. So in theory, I should be able to just drop that in?
Though I imagine it's not going to show me the boot screen, so I'm going to use one monitor on the inbuilt video anyway.

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How long have you waited? Could it possibly be that since no boot screen shows on video cards that do not have Mac firmware onboard, you're not going to see anything until that second part where the progress line draws across under the Apple logo, and then fades to the login page. Getting to that point sometimes, particularly on first boots after making changes or after finishing with the installer, can take what seems like an incredible amount of time.

You may need to use onboard video or something else as a primary display source so you can see what the boot loader is outputting. I have not switched anything here yet, though I'm going to sometime this afternoon.

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3 hours ago, Antiko said:

Today I changed gtx 770 to rx 580 - the system does not boot((. Clearing NVRAM didn't help, what can I do?

u need a fine tune

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15.01.2021 в 03:51 MaLd0n сказал:

тебе нужна тонкая настройка

Спасибо, что именно нужно настроить? Если не сложно - помогите?

Буду очень признателен за помощь!

Я использую следующие компоненты - Asus x 99 mwc / se (bios 4001 разблокирован, пропатчен под собственным NVRAM), E5-2640 v3, Gigabyte RX580 8 GB, 16 Gb RAM, A data xpg sx8200 pro 256 Gb + SSD 860 EVO SATA3 1 Tb, 11.2 (20d5042d), Mac Pro 7.1. ОС 0.6.6

Подключение через HDMI

Поменял SMBIOS на imac pro - та же ошибка.

Также прикрепляю папку EFI

UPD Спасибо - решил эту проблему.



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