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X58A-UD3R Mojave Hackintosh help

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Hi everybody. I just heard about the site and it is very good. 
im tryng to revive my pc and install mojave. 
i use to have maverick on it but it was long ago. Can you help me do this in a best way. 
this is my config. 

Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. X58A-UD3R (Socket 1366) BIOS VERSION FH

Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz

Bloomfield 45nm

12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3

1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 DDR3

SSD 223GB Crucial


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Hi. Thanx for your help. 
i had a progress, but i need guidance to succes. 
i downloaded MOJAVE Olarila image and i’ve been trying for days to make my EFI but i never manage to boot. I almost give up but then i saw this guys asking for help and you send him EFI. 


i copied that EFI you gave him to my USB and i manage to start the install. First part of it. I formated my SSD in disk utilllitys and started the install on it and then when it first reboot it wont boot from new SSD. I dont have other option than to install same again from the Olarila menu on the boot. Dont know what to do.  Can you help me pls? 

in the Atachment i send a pics from the install. 
Thank you. 


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