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Optical Drive / CD, DVD Etc.. vanishes, sleeps, or something .. if a disc is left in and not accessed.

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Since 10.12, if I leave a disc in the optical drive and it goes unused for some specific length of time, when you go to access the disc it won't access and the icon will disappear from the desktop after a little while, and the drive is no longer detected. It is not longer listed in the System Report. A reboot is required to get it back.

As long as you use the mounted disc, or take it out when you're done it's fine. I'm sure it has something to do with drive sleep, but that's disabled. Though I would rather have it on if possible.

I had a shell command that would cause the drive to reintroduce itself at one point, but I didn't save it in any notes.

Any insight on this?

Drive brand, firmware, doesn't matter.

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Yes, it's Asus, It doesn't seem to matter what brand I've used.  I used to get Pioneer drives always since that's what Apple actually used, but I've got a few different ones here. When this started, it never mattered what brand.

Seems to me though, that I was able to do something in the shell with a kext or some system function to get that to appear again. I don't recall it being a kextload .. that wouldn't make any sense anyway. But it was something that rediscovered it and didn't mess with the hard drives at all.

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