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AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT (Navi & Vega)

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Hi @MaLd0n,

I just found this post today about performance improvement with Navi and Vega cards thanks to a dedicated SSDT which should properly assign framebuffer https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/amd-radeon-performance-enhanced-ssdt.296555/

I tried the method explained here but I didn't noticed any performance change (using Geekbench 5.3.0 Compute benchmark in OpenCL and Metal) 

So my question is quite simple : did you already implemented this in the DSDT you provided to me ? Or maybe it is directly included in WEG now ?

Also, should I use https://github.com/Pavo-IM/AGPMInjector with my config ? (iMac19,1 and MSI RX Vega64) Because as I understood we should have a control-id of 0x12 which is not the case for me as I have a control-id of 0x11 as showed in the screenshot here https://imgur.com/a/J11MyVi

If any case, thank you again for your work and help! 

Have a nice day :) 

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