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Back after almost 5 year, now got problems :S

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Hi to all, as I mentioned into the title I'm back into this scene after almost 5 year after the buy of a real macbook pro, now I decided to sell it and return into this scene, I premise that I'm not a big noob but I'm not very familiar with the recent chenges like opencore and so on..

I recently got this Laptop/Tablet under my hands, it is an HP Pro x2 612 G2ย very uncommon in this scene, spec wise is very similar to the Macbook10,1 with i5-7Y54 and HD615.

So I made an USB Installer for Catalina and sure that I will work I put it into the laptop, with suprise I got almost instantaneous kernel panic, also after tuning config.plist and patch DSDT and SSDT with hot patches, I encounter (i think) the same kernel panic, but now boot stuck into this @kec.Libm 1

I attach my EFI Folder and a video of the kp. Hope someone got any idea, thanks!
P.S: I forgot to mention that I'm using Clover (Last pkg) with only 4 kexts into the folder kexts/other: Lilu, VoodooPS2, VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen

Sorry for s***y video quality :(




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11 minutes ago, Sampath007 said:

First u try our pre-made EFI clover or open core check this kp seems outdated kexts and bootloader

Uhm strange, clover is last version, kext all downloaded fresh from github repo, so last version

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I succeded to install using a premade olarila EFI Folder for Catalina, most of all components are working, but I got another issue, I installed and configured OpenCore on the NVMe EFI, I made everything from the SSDT to IGPU Framebuffer and so on, but booting with OpenCore I get IGPU issue (attached photo), I'm using the latest Lilu and the latest WhateverGreen. After doing this 100 times screen goes black with backlight on and nothing happen.

Also if I boot with Clover from the USB I think the display is not recognized correctly (I suppose I need to explicit a framebuffer) and my resolution is 1920x1280 that is wrong, should be 1920x1080



I also tried as boot args -disablegfxfw but at the end it booted always into black screen after doing green artifacts

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