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Icelake 10th gen Intel UHD G1 graphics no Graphics acceleration .

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7 minutes ago, prabhat04 said:

Can you please tell which image you used for macOS I went to install niresh Catalina and it did not boot and I have same  spec of i3 and 8 gb ram can you share your efi 

Sure. My EFI is little larger so i attached the link here because there is size limit for attching files.



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5 hours ago, prabhat04 said:

i got an error ocsb no suitable signature security violation

ocb load image image failed

That is because Since 0.6.1 is AppleSecureBoot implemented. Add in your config.plist into Misc-Security string key named SecureBootModel with value Disabled.

or use GibMacOS method which is pure vanilla


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Try this > go to NVRM section > change (boot args) to the exact this line copy, past (delete old befor) = -v keepsyms=1 alcid=(your no ALC) -no_compat_check debug=0x100 -igfxsku -igfxcdc -igfxdvmt -wegnoegpu -shikigva=64

Important: some laptops need building OS usb from a-z for personal copy so you must be prepeare it by yuor self read my post above.

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