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Hey I have used this guide here

and got this error Panic diags file unavailable, panic occurred prior to initialization


Please help I have already tried using EFI for Broadwell (notebooks) given here.


Intel CORE i3-5050U [Broadwell]

Intel HD graphic 5500



Laptop: HP 15-AC122TU


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41 minutes ago, MaLd0n said:

Sure! I am using this guide also using EFI on Olarila Vanilla Image.


First I got error on waiting for root devices and I solved it by removing USBInjectAll.kext.

Then this kernel panic. I have searched everywhere! couldn't find solution.

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14 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

first change smbios to macbookpro12,1 and try

Thanks successfully installed Catalina !!

But same problems arise when I try to boot using Clover EFI For all Chipset given here .

BTW I am using your guide "Hackintosh install guide"

Now talking about problems I get these error as if booting freezes given here and here

Then even if I clear nvram I get kernel panic sometimes. see here.

I am able to boot through graphics ( detected as Intel HD Graphics 5500 4mb) also with solid dock .

Tried Video patch for Broadwell given here   but it did't load you can check in config.plist

Are these issues of DSDT? Should I post them in your "Request for DSDT Forum"?

I have tried booting with or without -igfxvesa I don't know if that is important.

Also Bluetooth and Wifi are not Detected (Boardcom 43142 is it not supported?)

Thanks for all your help !!!!!!

Also see config.plist.zip

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38 minutes ago, MaLd0n said:

Unfortunately there is no oc folder for Broadwell 



Also can I use theDSDT you sent me in CLOVER.zip?

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