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Catalina HD 630 GPU interesting Lag problem

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Hello, I am using a 4k monitor on the Asus z270F - intel i7 7700k system, via the display port. I've tried all resolutions, but this problem never fixes.

In fact, everything seems normal, hardware acceleration, etc. everything looks fine. However, there is an obvious slowness in the graphical interface. This is also evident in screen transitions.

You can notice the slowness of the audio display when 2 channels are open on Logic Pro X in the attached video.

You can find the Opencore file in the attachment.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Here is the link video



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Thank you, I think it's improved, but still some stuttering looks like :) Maybe it's psychological. hehe

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I added it externally to the EFI folder, do you think all the kexts there are necessary?
And I guess it doesn't happen to update the opencore system by updating it like clover.
How can we be sure that this system is working exactly as it is. USB ports etc.
I want to do a clean install and go back to the music :)

Fenvi T919 - Kingston 2133 Furyy 2x16 - Asus z270F - samsung nvme.


Send me Musical-iMac-Pro.zip EFI.zip

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