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Olarila RunMe dumper app

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This App extract a full dump from your Hackintosh. Download RunMe.app   -Spoof your Serial Number (Clover and OpenCore) -Kextstat -Pmset -Xcpm -ACPI tables -Kextload -AudioDevi

i dont have that flag. reset nvram works for me. thanks  my wifi cant connect to hidden ssid. do you have any idea?


Hello this is my file, my EFI works perfectly for other thing like display and more but just cannot find audio source, i already try all the layout-id for ALC283 and it still not work, hope you can help me with this problem, also can you suggest what i must do for my touchscreen and touchpad(the cursor works but the right and left key do not work).

Send me alwaffys-MBP.zip

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Please help me.

I just installed high sierra on my pc, what i've been done so far :

1. Run disablehibernate master-disable command from "FILE" folder

2. Copy EFI from chipset folder download to harddisk EFI (after mount efi from clover configurator)

3. Copy SSDT-OLARILA.aml from usb "FILE" folder to EFI folder acpi

But, i still can't boot from my hdd.

Also my network still not working, seems like the RealtekRTL8111 kext is not loaded.


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11 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

ur folder is very old. use updated files for best result

Not working, still can't boot without usb.

Thank you for your help.

it might be my pc hardware problem.

so be it, i'm done with this hackintosh thing and just gonna buy apple product instead or build another machine based on another user with success experiences. LOL

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4 hours ago, tbrautaset said:

Is the new Send Me better when it comes to acpi?

ur dsdt is full patched

7 minutes ago, Yhogakafi said:

it might be my pc hardware problem.

no. is a hackintosh

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