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Intel DH61AG on Catalina guide works and USB 3 too!

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hi all French user here thanks to Mald0n tutorial and help and all team thank you very very much.

tutorial guide here:


post install steps and EFI folder:








EFI Folder update

Usb 3 show on Hackintool don't really think it is usb 3 speed.

Next step

1- update to 10.15.6 version

2- iSight, bluethoot card and sd card to solder and all connect by usb :)

3- have chime boot with arduino 


4- Buy a magic keyboard and a Magic Mouse 2 :)



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Really weird problem here because of some artefacts I wanted to fix that with legacy video patch for Catalina but have black screen after.

I make a fresh install and after put again my efi folder can not boot anymore with smbios Mac mini 5,1 reboot loop and usb 3 does not work anymore.

Any help please???

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bro. put one rx560 and avoid many problems

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