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Found 2 results

  1. First of all a great thanks to @MaLd0n for all the help that he gave me by editing my DSDT. This guide is for those who are using X79 Motherboard and are 1. unable to install mac 2. Unable to boot if they enable HYPERTHREADING in thie bios. 3. Having random reboots while booting. 4. Powermanagement Issue. You can use this EFI for Mac OS Monterey or Big Sur Installation: 1. Download the EFI Folder given in this guide and do the necessary changes mentioned in the Changes to the Config File section given below. 2. I am not going to cover how to install Mac. For that you will get lots of guides online. 3. I am Just going to give you my EFI folder. Use it and it will boot and install without any issue. 4. This EFI will work for both Dual CPU and Single CPU Board. You need to do the following after downloading the EFI. Changes to the Config File 1. Please add you own Platform Info 2. Also please add your UTBMap.kext file created using USBToolbox from windows (Use the windows.exe from from there). Also add USBToolBox.kext . OR If you don't want to do USB Mapping then just use the following USBMap.kext and it should work fine. I have added most of the USB ID's in the kext so it should work fine for most of the people. USBMap.kext.zip 3. SSDT-X79 included in the EFI folder already has everything needed so please don't change any settings in config. It will go smoothly. 4. Reboot Enjoy....!!! Note: For some motherboard using CpuTSCSync.kext causes Kernel Panic, Solution: Use VoodooTSCSync.kext instead Bios Settings: 1. If you still have issue with USB while using my EFI then go into the Bios and Disable EHCI and XHCI Handoff or vice versa. For PowerManagement do the following: Create SSDT-PMC, SSDT-PLUG from windows using SSDTTime.exe Create SSDT-PM using ssdtprgen method So you should have SSDT-PM, SSDT-PMC, SSDT-PLUG(Optional) and SSDT-X9 in ACPI. Use of SSDT-UNC is optional as its already included in the SSDT-X79. For Sandy Bridge CPU please enable 2 options in the Kernel > Patch Section 751AB9 to EB13B9 3E7539 to 3E9090 The entries are already added just enable it. This is needed for Sandy Bridge CPU to get PowerManagement Working Enjoy your PowerManagement Once again please don't change anything in the config other than what is mentioned above Audio: Just follow my Guide in the link to get the audio working https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/350572-get-apple-alc-working-with-alc-892-and-other-audio-with-dsdt-patching-easily/#comment-2775696 Downloads: NEW EFI Folder: If the new EFI Doesn't work then use the old one Updated EFI with Open Core 0.7.7. OLD EFI Folder EFI GOOGLE DRIVE or EFIFORX79MOTHERBOARD.zip Bonus: Those who are using Huananzhi-X79 board can use the following patched DSDT which has all the necessary patches. Even the Audio patch so no need to use SSDT-HDEF.aml Huananzhi - X79 Deluxe Patched DSDT Troubleshooting: Multible Reboot: Some times it takes multiple reboots to get into the system. It gets stuck in the following then follow the below given solution. Solution: 1. Open your DSDT in Rehabman's MacIasl and remove SCK1, SCK2 and SCK3 2. Also remove unused Cores. For Eg. If your CPU has 12 threads then only keep the first 12 CPU Cores and delete the rest like this. It depends on how much threads your CPU has and accordingly remove the rest. As my CPU has only 12 threads I have only kept the first 12 and will be removing the rest that I have shown in the image below. 3. Save the file as DSDT.aml 4. Place this DSDT.aml in the ACPI Folder 5. Reboot. Now there will be no random reboots while rebooting.
  2. I have managed to install bigsur in my 3930k and rampage iv formula, but I can't get cpu powermanagement. I don't know what else to try, it's stuck in 3200mhz use opencore 0.6.9 smbios macpro 6,1
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