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Found 10 results

  1. I reinstalled mac multiple times, Catalina, Monterey and suddenly it started to be broken, It started to work again after reopen laptop lid - but this is ugly workaround I tried updated EFI from forum as well as my EFI folder from here, which worked previouse times.. Below is video with issue.. during boot, install, and same thing after install when login & power on pc brokenEFI.zip
  2. Laptop: PANASONIC Toughbook CF-MX4 CPU: i5-5300U (vPro) GPU: Intell HD Graphics 5500 OS: 12.7.1 OC: 0.9.6 ------------ Hi guys, Im trying for several days to fix graphics acceleration for my machine, but it just dont wanna work. Followed tutorials and add framebuffers, so far tried only few combinations of device-id & ig-platform-id (usually suggested default one 02001616, but tried some combination of different device-id last hours.. no success) I always ended up with: Intel HD Graphics 5500 7 MB (ofc. reset the NVRAM) In BIOS I don`t have anything related to DVMT 😐 ..to that case. I always ended up with 7 MB. Main sources of info, excluded of YT videos: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/config-laptop.plist/broadwell.html#uefi https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/351321-broadwell-with-intel-hd5500-and-intel-core-i5-5200u-framebuffers-for-devices-properties-clover/ https://elitemacx86.com/threads/how-to-enable-intel-hd-graphics-haswell-broadwell-and-skylake-on-macos-ventura-and-later.1004/ ------------ As I started with hackintosh, 3days ago, so far a wonderfull experience I feel like repairing luxury car (thanks to OpenCore) Successfully patched DSDT , IRQs, finaly Audio is working enough for my use (Realtek ALC269, alcid=138), WiFi only using HeliPort.app but this is somehow ok (Wireless 7265). In general, I think that I have "normal" EFI for me... I hope 😅 😅 Other things on my list to be fixed, that are NOT WORKING at the moment are: Brightness control *mby battery management* battery goes down quite fast IMHO Native WiFi ? ------------ Included scrapped EFI folder for my setup And Thanks for Your Help . EFI.zip
  3. Um ADM do fórum me tirou uma duvida e deu uma resposta interessante sobre minha bios que é legacy, queria saber quais passos tomar para instalar o hackintosh em minha maquina, faz tempo que estou tentando e nunca consigo. Minhas configurações: Intel I5 650, Placa Mãe Duex H55Z, 8GB Ram. Minha vontade é de colocar o Big Sur ou o Catalina. Queria que alguem me ajudasse a fazer esse hackintosh funcionar. Desde já obrigado a quem puder me ajudar.
  4. Hackintosh Big Sur Dell Inspiron 14 3442 i5 4210u EFI OPEN CORE 0.6.8 Lembre-se de mudar o Número de Serial. Tudo funcionando HARDWARE PROCESSADOR: 4ª Geração do Processador Intel® Core™ i5-4210U (até 2.7 GHz, 3Mb Cache) MEMÓRIA RAM: Memória 4GB, Single Channel DDR3, 1600MHz (1x4Gb) GRÁFICOS: Intel Integrated HD Graphics 4400 BATERIA: Bateria de 4 células, 40WHr ARMAZENAMENTO: SSD SuperSpeed S540 240GB BIOS: A16 24 setembro 2020 https://www.dell.com/support/home/pt-br/product-support/product/inspiron-14-3442-laptop/drivers Por: Telegram: @is_the_king https://t.me/is_the_king - Gleison https://github.com/is-the-king/Hackintosh-Big-Sur-Dell-Inspiron-14-3442
  5. I have an issue with UHD 630 u can see it here https://youtu.be/MN6cbuG3aRQ I've tried the Commet lake EFI folder from the forum downloads, also tried to patch the framebuffer from whatevergreen manual guide with every id for commet lake, all leads to the same result, I've blocked the dGPU gtx1650 with a ssdt CPU is i5-10200H, dell g15 5510 gaming laptop
  6. Hey, im trying to install catalina on my laptop its a 2AM E550 with a I5 9400 desktop version cpu with intel uhd630 tried lots of efis ive found on web, managed to pass to instalations couple of times but it cant boot on drive. Right now ive delete all efis ive downloaded, tried a build from scratch config.plist but i doesnt word. Can anyone help me pls
  7. Bom dia, estou tentando realizar um hack em minha máquina, i5 7400 e uma asus h110m. Estou instalando o hackintosh através de um hdd. O problema é que fica travado em uma mensagem e não sai dali. Não apresenta nenhuma mensagem de erro, alguém já passou por isso? (Eu n consigo enviar uma imagem então segue o link dela). https://ibb.co/d09c1sf
  8. Hi, I'm trying to install macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on my desktop with an iGPU, but during boot the screen goes completely black. I know it's a coming issue, but I couldn't find any solution for it online. I already did some patching with Hackintool, which worked on High Sierra. My specs: i5-8400 (uhd 630) 12GB RAM Gigabyte d3h b360m Link to my EFI Folder: https://we.tl/t-WVlZ4WPQGi
  9. Pessoal Boa tarde. Depois de uns 10 anos, vou trocar de micro. Até aqui o que uso me atendeu mas agora já está na hora de mudar. Andei vendo alguma coisa do hackintosh como está hoje e pensei nessas peças principais para fazer o setup: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390D Processador: i5 9400F (Coffe Lake) Gráfica: RX570 (Vi modelos de 4GB) Memória: 2 x DDR4 (2400) O problema sempre é o custo que tem que ser bem reduzido sem comprometer muito o uso como hackintosh e sempre ficar o mais possível de uma instalação vanilla. Será que consigo isso com esse setup? Obrigado.
  10. Hello, i have a few issues with acer nitro 5 AN515-53-53U7 gaming laptop that i am trying to hackintosh. Will get to the DSDT part eventually. To start my specs are as follows: i5-8300H Intel uhd 630 graphics (seems to be stuck at 7mb so if i can get some assistance on how to fix this as well would be great!) nvidia gtx 1050 (i understand this isnt supported in mojave/catalina. i understand the -wegnoegpu flag disables the nvidia card?) 16GB ddr4 gskill ripjaws ram 512GB NVME western digital black N750 SSD - windows 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SATA III 2.5mm SSD - Mac OSX Ethernet connection: Realtek PCI-e GBE Ethernet connection with 100ft cat6 ethernet cable (prefer not using wifi while in the house.) Elan trackpad and l2c keyboard i believe as well. 1. Keyboard stops working while setting up user information. Will try another solution to see if i can get this working properly. 2. I have followed the tutorials up to the step where it says to copy the efi folder for skylake, coffeelake for notebooks to /volumes/EFi and such a folder doesnt exist - am i supposed to install the clover bootloader first to see the EFI volume? 3. As I mentioned above - i have intel UHD 630 graphics. how do i get proper graphics accelleration on this integrated graphics unit. I understand my Nvidia card is not supported in anything higher than high sierra? Please let me know how to remedy the first few issues, then ill be able to get the DSDT process set.
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