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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone , i've successfully hackintoshed my acer tablet . Everything works like a charm and macOS runs even better than Windows but i have a little issue : When i try to use imessage or FaceTime it closes as soon as when i log in . It doesn't show any message the app closes then reopen at the login screen . I've followed the guide for iservices but nothing . Everything seems to be ok , my serial number isn't valid at check coverage . Please @MaLd0n i need some help . i'm using OC 0.7.2 . More info in the attachements , thanks . ATTACHMENTS.zip
  2. Olá, bom dia ! Tenho um Iphone 7 Plus e a camera traseira dele parou de funcionar, fica preta, mas quando uso o x2 ela funciona, é como se uma parasse de funcionar, alguém poderia me ajudar, dizer oq ? e se já passaram por isso, como resolver ?
  3. Checked WEG patching guide for Intel UHD 630 and tried everything, every framebuffer and device-id combination... Nothing can get me out of VESA mode (stuck to 7mb, glitchy graphics, no acceleration, without VESA I get stuck in IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0). VESA (using boot argument igfxvesa) is the only way I've able to get to the desktop. I'm using OpenCore 0.64 and the latest versions of lilu and weg. Any suggestions? I've run out of ideas here. Thanks in advance. P.S here goes the specs of my laptop and and EFI folder: SPECS
  4. O próximo PC Mac da Apple poderá chegar com configurações da fabricante AMD, tanto processador quanto a placa de vídeo. Novos rumores sobre o lançamento do produto apontam que o computador deve custar algo em torno de US$ 5.000 e será alimentado por uma CPU AMD Ryzen e GPU AMD Radeon. A Apple estaria testando uma nova configuração que pode resultar em um Mac "gaming", caso especulações estejam corretas. AMD deve passar Apple como maior cliente da TSMC para componentes de 7nm em 2020 De acordo com os trechos de código encontrados no macOS Catalina 10.15.4 beta, várias APUs da AMD
  5. Apple to Launch Arm-Powered MacBook in the next 18 Months Apple is currently designing a custom series of CPUs, for its Macbook laptop lineup, based on the Arm Instruction Set Architecture. Having designed some of the most powerful mobile processors that are inside the iPhone series of devices, Apple is preparing to make a jump to an even more powerful device lineup by bringing custom CPUs for MacBook. Tired of the speed by which Intel replaces and upgrades its Core lineup of CPUs, Apple decided to take the matter in its own hands and rumors about the switch to a custom solution ha
  6. Donation with Paypal https://tinyurl.com/r7fchn9 Donation with Stripe https://tinyurl.com/2ssnydn6 Donation with BuyMeaCoffee https://tinyurl.com/bvsbpf6e Donation with BTC 33HeGCuCSh4tUBqdYkQqKpSDa1E7WeAJQ3 Donation with PicPay danielnmaldonado Donation with PiX [email protected] Donation with Mercado Livrehttps://tinyurl.com/y9evkj5u -OpenCore Vanilla Guide https://tinyurl.com/pu3d6jww -Clover Vanilla Guide https://tinyurl.com/ydhgntcz -Essentials kexts, configs and patches for Intel and AMD with Clover and OpenCore boo
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