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Found 8 results

  1. how to update from ventura 13.6.7 to sonoma 14.5 on my hp elitebook 840 g3 core i7 6 generation u
  2. -Download OpenCore Auxiliary Tools (Credits: ic005k) https://github.com/ic005k/QtOpenCoreConfig/releases -Tutorial
  3. If I need help! I have a current installation of catalina with OpenCore 0.6.x AMD B450 Ryzen 2600 nvme 512gb 32GB of DDR4 RAM DSDT patches Everything has been working fine for a year. Now i am trying to upgrade to bigsur and I have created a new EFI with OpenCore 0.8.0, also and the updated kext, I have verified all the parameters (ocvalidate) and there is no problem so far so good, the problem is that when booting from my updated EFI it doesn't show up to select the NvMe drive (even with catalina) What can be? What am I skipping and why is my drive not showing up? 2022-03-31 10.03.17 p.m..jpg.zip
  4. My hackintosh works perfectly with Mojave (olarila version) What is the best way to update macOS ? Actual version: 10.14.6 Mojave from Olarila image wanted version: Monterey CPU: INTEL 8 Core i9-9900K 3.6GHz Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z370H GAMING RAM: 32 Go GPU: SAPPHIRE RADEON RX VEGA 64
  5. Olá queria a ajuda em como conseguir dar boot no meu HD depois de atualizo do Catalina para a versão do Big sur (11.15) para meu notebook HP G6 250, i3- 7020u. Antes de atualizar para o Big Sur eu atualizei o clover para a versão 5138 injetando todas Quirks para o modelo do meu processador que é o Kabylake conforme um tutorial que vi por aqui no olarila e deu tudo certo. Mas toda vez que atualizo para o Big sur o HD simplesmente some no final da instalação. Eu anexei minha config.plist se alguem puder me ajuda a contornar esse problema. eu anexei tambem uma imagem pra mostrar melhor como fica minha tela do clover. config.plist.rar PXL_20210724_155544968.rar
  6. I was asking myself... "How can I keep my kexts up to date?" Then I found this tool that seems to work very well, it does not install automatically, put it on the desktop for you to choose. KEXT UPDATER https://bitbucket.org/profdrluigi/kextupdater/downloads/ How do you prefer to do this?
  7. Hello! I had installed catalina 10.15.3 and unfortunately it docent support Xcode, so I need to update it to latest 10.15.7 but I downloaded update, booted using update disk in clover menu but got error GV-Wake Failure (Photo available HERE ) Please help me update. I have also posted full dump and my specs are below. Also I have patched graphics and edid using Hackintool but sleep dosent work. Dump: https://filebin.net/3a44u6i8vugs9or4 Specs: Intel CORE i3-5050U [Broadwell] Intel HD graphic 5500 HP-80C1 8 GB DDR3 RAM Laptop: HP 15-AC122TU
  8. Hello First I would thank all who creating this wonderful form bcz i really found help and now for the first time i managed to get everything working on my pc so now i want to do a system update and i read somewhere here that we should have a proper EFI folder here is my EFI folder with the Run ME zip file https://we.tl/t-u0MMgfWE6J plz someone helps me
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