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  1. Specifications: BIOS Version: 1.10 (Latest) (needs SATA in AHCI mode, not Intel Optane or disk won't be seen) Intel 8th gen i5 8265U, 1.6GHz CPU Integrated Intel UHD620 15" 1920x1080 Full HD non-touch LCD 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM NVME M.2 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 256GB Ctalina 10.15.6 Beta + Win 10 Home SSD SATA 512GB Kingston Big Sue 11.0 + Dati RTL8100 Gigabit Ethernet Realtek ALC236 layout 11 WiFi Card+BT - replaced with BCM943602BAED - (Vendor-id: 14E4 Device-id: 43BA), 3 stream, (WiFi abgn + ac 2.4 / 5 GHz 1300 Mbps + BT 4.1), 3030 (key A + E), BCM20703A1 (the chipset supports BT 4.1 LE) 1 x 3.5mm universal jack (combo audio) 1x USB Type C port 3.1 2x USB 2.0 ports 1 x HDMI port Working: All the components!! DSDT patch: I have personally modified the DSDT in line with the original ACPIs of real Mac peers SMBios, but I have not in the least altered the ACPI by eliminating parts ..... All after careful study of the ACPI Apple ..... EFI Clover 5119 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JzWnhPT6zGIqO9BZzywfsHWu3Z1xiGQ4/view?usp=sharing EFI OC 0.6.0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogfm8MqSHdXfSY1_fZFFfike4DnwUoEw/view?usp=sharing Ioreg https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dkkD1GhPShEA5NdgKL85INqCYfWf38tA/view?usp=sharing
  2. Thanks for everything you are essential for the Hackintosh family ......... Top Mald0n ..........
  3. Mald0n thanks for your configuration, I attach ioreg, maybe it can be useful to some user ............. EDIT: Mald0n have a problem with the cable connected to the Mobo, the splitter that should activate HS07 HS08 SS07 SS08 the last two ports are not visible in ioreg iMac di Baio77.zip
  4. Hi Mald0n, I just saw the Bios Beta V F9g is out ..... Enhance RAID AIC compatibility Fix CPU Vcore and power behavior Workaround beta BIOS to improve Kingston DDR4-2666 stability concern on some specific memory chip suppliers I wanted to know if you could put your hand in it just like you ....... I have also always noticed that my Hack to operational problems when I go to use the integrated GPU, is NOT stable, I attribute this to NVRAM still problematic despite your interventions ..... I noticed that this occurs from 10.15 official release, with 10.14 for example I could use the 2 active GPUs without any problem, which is NOT possible since 10.15 ...... Can you cure this ????? Using the old drivers emuvariabile + osxfree2000 + RCscript I can still activate the 2 GPUs without problems ........... Can you give me explanations ??? I attach ACPI file and thank you for your contribution in the Hack world your way of treating DSDT is truly spectacular origin F9g .zip
  5. Mald0n my result with your clover, I have I7 8700 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/13029126 ,my original Clover 26500 , very good
  6. I understand, could you adapt DSDT made by you in the clover posted x to be used without USBInjectAll and then use my SSDT mapping ports with your configurations ?? I'm asking too much ?? I tried to put it in your configuration, but USB doesn't work anymore port mapping done in SSDT is targeted for my configuration
  7. good morning Mald0n, after days of testing, I verified that through 2 patches in configplist added to my initial configuration more Bios settings you recommended I have native NVRAM result .... I realized in this period that in any case it is very dependent on all SMBios, IMAC 18.3 NVRAM always native, while IMAC 18.1 and macmini 8.1 are SMBios problematic the NVRam does NOT always work well ..... SMBios 19.x NVRAM NEVER native ........ Point out that I also have 10.14.5 last Beta ..... I attach my configuration with native NVRam with AptiomemoryFix .... I take this opportunity to thank you and to congratulate you for everything you do in the Hack field Sorry for my English , use Google traslate Z390 M GAMING-CF.zip
  8. Mald0n, I am testing your configuration I think AptiomemoyiFix works better than my configuration, where with the mentioned Eufi Driver I did NOT pass the Pre Verbose...... I'm trying to evaluate if the NVRAM is native with your configuration and in any case I have seen x the first time turn off and start up regularly with AptiomemoryFix, I continue with the Tests ..... Thank's
  9. Hi Mald0n post Ioreg with your Clover , Clover Mald0n.zip
  10. As soon as I get back, I do tests, I'm curious to see and understand and maybe solve the problem of non-native Nvram. I have active virtualization in Bios Thank you
  11. Whit your clover Stop in Pre Verbose error allocate ecc ecc ................. AptiomemoyFix no good for my Mobo ....... I have 2 SSD Nvme 1 970 Pro and 1 970 Evo Plus , rename SSD0 and SSD1??? OK ??? _SB.PCI0.RP09.PXSX SSD0 _SB.PCI0.RP21.PXSX SSD1
  12. This Patch for DSDT??? I have GA Z390 M Gaming and NVRAM NO native , used Emuvariable OSXfree DriverUEFI , in your Clover used AptioMemoryFix .... You have solution for this problem?? I have Last Bios F5
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