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  1. You need to be patient, he is on the road for some days. He will answer eventually. Glad you could reach the folder!
  2. Ok, then you have to access to EFI partition. When you are in EFI partition, you will find an EFI folder. Inside EFI folder you have more folders, one of them is CLOVER. Inside the CLOVER folder you must find another folder called ACPI. Inside the ACPI folder you find the origin folder. You have to create a .zip of that origin folder and upload to here (via mediafire or any filehosting). Paste the link here so MaLd0n can access to the files inside the origin folder. Bigger image if you need (https://ibb.co/37LbbdH)
  3. Do you know what an EFI partrition is?
  4. I guess MaLd0n is telling you to press F4 on Clover boot screen (the one where you choose the partition to boot) and then go to EFI partition and copy the files on Clover/Acpi/origin folder in a zip. Then, post them here. You have to access EFI partition from a working operative system. Google should help
  5. You must post this on here and wait patiently. Seems like MaLd0n is on the road for a few days and he can't provide DSDT patches yet.
  6. You can't use Nvidia on a OS X version above 10.13 (High Sierra), although you can use your Intel HD 620 disabling the Nvidia. Probably you have to patch Intel with FrameBuffer. On the output seems like there's a problem with the motherboard config. I have a Gigabyte myself and I can't help you much with Asus, but I suggest load optimized default settings and disable Intel VdT, CMS, enable USB AHCI, disable FastBoot and SecureBoot (that's what I do, you probably won't have some of that parameters) Also, to make a dual boot, I suggest to first partition the SSD and install Catalina in an APFS partition. After that, add EFI folder as the guide on this forum explains. When you have finished the guide and Catalina is running fine booting from UEFI on SSD, restart. Boot from windows installer USB (not from Clover, just this time). Choose the another partition created previously and format. After that, boot windows partition from SSD UEFI and finish installation. You can now boot always from SSD UEFI to OS X and W10 Hope it helps, quote me if you need any assistance and I will try to help if I know how!
  7. Sorry for the misunderstanding, here you have it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/exxlisdv6gf9dht/IntelKext10.15.4.zip/file What can be happening? Thanks!
  8. AS far as I know, probably the DSDT patch will fix the sleep. What resolution are you using? Do you have HiDi active?
  9. You can fix that modifying your config.plist on the CLOVER folder. Back up your files first in case system is not booting after this, and return to previous state booting with the installer USB into your hard drive partition. You just have to delete the -v boot arg. You can do this opening the config.plist with Clover Configurator.app. In the left sidebar, choose the Boot option and just remove the -v boot arg. That should do it. You can also give it a try by going to clover options -> boot (press enter) and delete -v arg.
  10. I don't have IntelHDGraphics kext on my EFI, I send you SendMe file. https://www.mediafire.com/file/54zrd466ceuxdxw/Send_me_iMac.zip/file Thanks!
  11. I updated to 10.15.5 and no image from HDMI or DVI I'm back to 10.15.14 because of that. I have FrameBuffer fix on i7 8700, should I remove that fix? I'm using Clover.
  12. Hi! I attach the Send me file. Thanks! Send me iMac-de-Vicente.zip
  13. Could you explain how can I do that?
  14. Hi MaLd0n, I've been researching a lot about this problem and I found something which may be related: https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen/blob/master/Manual/FAQ.IntelHD.en.md#fix-the-infinite-loop-on-establishing-intel-hdmi-connections-with-a-higher-pixel-clock-rate-on-skl-kbl-and-cfl-platforms The thing is that I can't make it work, I apply the boot arg flag and still have the same problem. Do you know if this problem could be related with -cdfon boot arg? That's the argument I'm using to unlock Hz selector menu.
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