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  1. Thanks. I wish you would let me know that Mojave won't work with the intel graphics. That was 5 hours of my bandwidth wasted. I know have Olarila Mojave and High Sierra. I have about 5 desktops under construction, so might Mojave one just for shits & giggles.
  2. I've been running Mavericks on my HP 4530 since it was the "new" Mac OS. Now I can't even update Chome. I want to do a Fresh install on new drive Anyone else got Mojave or High Sierra running on one of these? They are 2nd gen mobile i3's. I have 16GB of RAM. The curse of Maverick's stability is that I am basically a Noob again. I searched these forums with "HP ProBook 4530 Mojave" and got Zero results. I hope you guys are nicer than tonycrap who basically answered me "You do it by learning how1 Don't ask here again or you'll be banned." Thanks in advance.
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