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  1. can i use this DSDT on iMacPro 2017 identification with iGPU disabled? Do you still need XHCI-unsupported.kext and EFICheckDisabler.kext in Catalina?
  2. hmm ... when I use DSDT, iGPU works on 1/3 of its power. As soon as I remove DSDT, iGPU works 100%, but the movie has glitch.
  3. MaLd0n... you have done me a super DSDT working perfect with Mojave (iGPU + dGPU) equipment worked as it should. I have a problem on Catalina under FCPX. As I use DSDT, ti iGPU works at 30% - up to 0.35GHz maximum and exporting goes much slower than on Mojave. I can't run RunMe even though I watched your tutorial. Can you improve DSDT for me? Now UHD630 no longer needs FakeID, it goes without ig_platform_id, and in my old configuration I still have it injected. With the new WEG 1.3.4 you have to add: <key>PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)</key> <dict> <
  4. @MaLd0n Please edit my DSDT so that the audio section does not contain the entry: hda-gfx onboard-1 with this parameter in Clover after waking up i have KP and restart on Catalina 10.15.1. Send me Najrads-iMac.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  5. I recently installed 10.15.1 as an update from 10.14.6 and I have a problem with encoding to h264 directly from the timeline. The resulting file sometimes has artifacts, it takes a split second, but it does. Does anyone confirm any difficulties with coding on Catalina? One more thing ... when I work in FCPX, when I play material on the timeline, there are also - quite often - artifacts, but they are random, when I play play again, they do not occur, so I did not pay attention to it. It is also strange to use iGPU ... some so miserable. I render the same project again on 10.14.6 and here iGPU r
  6. I managed to run the audio. Unfortunately, the previous DSDT OpenCore does not start. But something is not good because the computer does not turn off. I made a new RunMe and uploaded waiting for DSTD from Mald0n Send me iMac-Dariusz.zip
  7. I've been testing OC for only two days. I do not know what to check. I took EFI from the first post ... and that's all I have knowledge of what I've read here. Mald0n made me DSDT and set the ID on iMac2019
  8. not working. OC does not show any audio. The audio is only when starting from Clover to which DSDT did me Mald0n
  9. @ onemanosx you can look. at Editedconfig.plist, there is still no audio, but I did TextEdit patch_audio.zip
  10. do not know how and what to do iniect layout and what parameters to provide. That's how it looks at SendMe on Clover: Codecs Detecteds: Vendor: ONBOARD Name: Realtek ALCS1220A Codec: 0x10ec1168 Vendor: INTEL DP/HDMI Name: Kabylake Codec: 0x8086280b (AppleHDA) Intel Kabylake HDMI (8086:280b) Rev.(00100000) Controller 8086:a348 (sub-ven:1043:8724) (AppleHDA) Realtek ALCS1220A (10ec:1168) Rev.(00100101) Controller 8086:a348 (sub-ven:1043:8724)
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