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  1. Hi, I've just did a clean install of Catalina 10.15.6, everything works fine except for Sleep, when I click to sleep it takes a lot of time and then it actually sleeps (power led of the computer case keep blinking) but when I try to wake it takes a lot of time, no image on screen and then suddenly reboots. Already tried the hell of options on the web, no-hda-gfx, kernelToPatch (find, rplc) patches and so on and nothing worked. Someone can help with other ideas? I am attaching my "Send me" zip file. My config is: Asus B250M Plus CPU: i5 7500 RAM: 16GB Ram GPU: GTX 1660 6GB (not using of course) Bootloader: Clover Release v5.0 r5120 HDMI cable connected to the onboard port Thanks in advance guys Send me Brunos-iMac.zip
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