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  1. Hi all, I've got a Catalina installed and want to upgrade to Big Sur. All previous versions were working fine by just selecting upgrade via the system preferences - software updates. Regarding the Big Sur, once I downloaded from the software updates, it started the installation but once it reboots the machine it doesn't create to the clover any link to click to continue the installation and it boots back to Catalina. What am I missing? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, This is my log file generated from the Runme.app zip file download
  3. I've installed every singe wifi kext from there and it doesn't work. It doesn't show the wifi interface at all.
  4. Hi all, I've installed many kext regarding wifi usb cards but none worked. I've got an Airlink wireless-n usb adpater model WN7 10NP which can't find anywhere internet what bloody chipset is using. The dmesg throws: 019940.387569 [email protected]: AppleUSBHostPort::interruptOccurred: overcurrent detected with port status 0x4000, localSimulatedInterrupts = 0x0 handle_get_purgeable_stats:8636: total purgeable file count: 36 total purgeable size: 618496 019945.494670 [email protected]: AppleUSBHostPort::interruptOccurred: overcurrent detected with port status 0x4000, localSimulatedInterrupts = 0x0 How can I find what chipset is using? Any help is very much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I've got in place: -Kabylake and Coffeelake(8 Gen) IntelGFX 0x59128086 ig-platform-id 0x59120003 Check InjectIntel but acceleration doesn't work. My PC has: CPU: Intel Core i5 8500 1151/3GHz (coffee lake) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 1151/Z370 Graphics: ATI Radeon RX 560 4GB My EFI folder can be downloaded from: https://easyupload.io/ygik4n Any help is very much appreciated.
  6. Hi all and Merry Christmas, I'm using the last couple of months a desktop with Olarilla Catalina which works out of the box superb without even modifications on BIOS etc. I've just updated to latest BIOS, upgrade the firmware on one NVMe drive and that's all. Occasionally I've updated the latest kext and everything works perfectly. Now my question; is there a list with laptops that working out of the box (adding some kexts is fine)? If anyone has any that works great I will really appreciate if you can post your exact model here. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Any ideas why it kept rebooting my system when I click update now (downloaded the 10.15.2) but the update isn't installed. Wherever I go to the software update panel it keeps showing the Update now. Thanks
  8. May I ask how I can delete the sensors kext when I can't boot into the OS? I've got the same problem as the initial post. Thanks
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