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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
    HP Pavilion 690-056ccn Gaming Desktop
    PC Spec https://support.hp.com/tw-zh/document/c06002384
    mother board https://support.hp.com/tw-zh/document/c05991291
    Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed.

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  1. using current clover(not replace with 100.200.300) replace DSDT.aml with sending to me and patched ACPI in clover configurator but it cannot boot up.
  2. @MaLd0n, I want to install High Sierra to my Desktop PC HP Pavilion 690-056ccn Gaming mother board spec(H370): https://support.hp.com/tw-zh/document/c05991291 HP disabled BIOS Advance setting and when GTX 1060 on board, UHD auto disabled, I must use Nvidia GTX 1060 as my video card. First I use Clover.100.200.300 to install, but cannot boot into install interface. So I find this clover(in Send me ...zip file) similar to my machine's configuration, it can boot into install, but install freeze at "2 minutes..." Then I installed macOS through TimeMachine recovery, it can be boote
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