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  1. it doesn't matter how old u are. read ... you ll understand more. one day if you want to change your machine, you know what u can fix. brightness is important it hurts your eyes if it is too bright. touchpad ...you need to know what chipset powers it. eg, synaptic or elan before adding DSDT and Kext. otherwise it wont boot. or you ll get kernel panic. power management ...SSDT power management https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/guide-how-to-generate-ssdt-for-coffee-lake-cpu.98/ again, you need to help providing for example , dsdt, ioregistry and kext. it would be e
  2. your audio sound is not perfect !! use AppleALC and patch layout id for F4 and F5 visit this , dump your DSDT https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-patching-laptop-dsdt-ssdts.152573/ and patch this **I mod Q18 (F4) and Q17 (F5) copy down HERE!! to DSDT #for how to use # Replacing method _Q18 for F4 key to work into Method label _Q18 replace_content begin If (ATKP)\n {\n \_SB.ATKD.IANE (0xC4)\n } end; THEN, down here #for how to use # Replacing method _Q17 for F5 key to work
  3. Great ! I have seen your keyboard. well from F1-F6 they are the same as mine. F1-f3 you just find layout id using AppleHDA patcher (show Jarvis)n also check ALC in Hackintool (sound). then add appleALC in L/S. in config.list layout id (it depends on Os and ALC chipset) once you have done this add voodooI2C.kext and VoodooI2CHID.kext in Clover/kext/other. Patch windows 10 and voodooi2c SKL+ in DSDT (you need to disassembly) RESTART Boom f1-f3 working! For F4 - F5 I will send it to you my patch. I am at the office. For F6 it works out of the box.
  4. Sure, I am not with my pc now but I will attach the file to you tonight. and also take a picture of your laptop key board maybe i can compare with mine and help you.
  5. Hello guys I am on Asus Vivobook A571GT powered by intel core i5 9300h cpu with Nvidia1650gtx. I am on Mojave. Two main problems... I have brightness control problem, F4 down and F5 up and also I replace intel wifi with DW1560 wifi which is not working after adding kexts and brcmpatchram. please help audio sound ok including f1,f2,f3 mute, volume down and volume up keyboard backlight ok trackpad perfect, work like a real mac Archive.zip Archive2.zip ACPI.zip config.plist.zip
  6. I did that. it went well. try copying big files into it or install new macos. check if it works. Mine is not okay. i have already changed a new nvme ssd.
  7. https://imgur.com/tjz77go https://imgur.com/leOyFy2
  8. now even if I install windows it is faulty.
  9. it is hardware problem. it now shows on my screen but if I transfer very files into it ,it freezes and disappears. I think I have to upgrade my bios. thanks
  10. YES it works! thank you. I did as your instruction.
  11. ok I ll use Windows to update its fw. it s not available on Mac. hope there is.
  12. yes I did. I can erase the files or format as APFS. when I turn on my PC it sometimes shows up and disappears. Also when I wanna install Mojave it doesn't show up to boot to installing screen.
  13. Hi I am on Mojave and I have an NVME seagate barracuda 510. it sometimes disappears. Send me MacBook-Pro-2 2.zip
  14. hi I am on HS 10.13.6. it works perfectly but it cannot just be updated to the security. I have installed the sucurity but it doesn't boot up normally. It appears like this after I have installed. HS Imac.zip
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