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  1. Where can I download the EFI folder for me? Gráficos Intel HD Graphics 620 2457 MB Nombre del procesador: Dual-Core Intel Core i7 Velocidad del procesador: 2,90 GHz
  2. Hi. how Open Core works. Is it the same as clover? Can you explain how Opencore is installed? Thank you
  3. Hi This is the photo. I had no problems with Beta 1,2 and 3. But updating to Beta 4 is as the photo says. Maybe it's that Lilu and watergreen have to be updated again? Clover 5033 incompatible mark, and when installing anyway, mark installation error. Help No me deja poner foto
  4. Hi. I have a problem with Catalina Beta 4 Publica. It does not start the installation. But the other betas had no problem. What can be? ACPI says error
  5. Hi. I'm new here. I installed MacOs Catalina Beta public. I'm having problems with No TouchID.Ketx (-nobiobeta). It does not work well at all. Where can you get the new kexts already updated, for Catalina ?. Thanks.
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