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  1. I did modify just the DeviceProperties and added the igpu and audio like this and in the EUFI section to match the Audio layout-id boot-args I just left verbose: -v
  2. With the latest OC Folder I get a "OCS: No Schema for HideSelf at 3 index!" and than after the picker it Panic and reboot
  3. Same problem here, Like MaLd0n suggested the only way with opencore is to use the ndk branch. The way I boot win10 is to first Clean Nvram with OC picker than boot win10 with Bios bootloader, than before boot back to Catalina I apply the Reset Nvram
  4. ok I boot up Win10 and have the same audio distortion after wakeup, static like distortion. I will sigle out component, I'm thinking the PSU first as it is an Enermax Infiniti 650 (2007)
  5. The sound played was distorted though, another thing is the Audio seems to get better (less distorted) as time passes
  6. This is a log dump just after playing a system sound 2020-03-04 21:55:32.203439+0100 localhost kernel[0]: (IOAudioFamily) + IOAudioEngineUserClient::externalMethod, selector=0x0, arg0 0x0, arg1 0x105fe2000, arg2 0x8010 arg3 0xa5 2020-03-04 21:55:32.203441+0100 localhost kernel[0]: (IOAudioFamily) scalarInputCount=0x4 structureInputSize 0x0, scalarOutputCount 0x0, structureOutputSize 0x0 2020-03-04 21:55:32.203465+0100 localhost kernel[0]: (IOAudioFamily) + IOAudioEngineUserClient::registerBuffer64 0x0 0x105fe2000 0x8010 0xa5 2020-03-04 21:55:32.203467+0100 localhost kernel[0]: (IO
  7. No internal audio, I have a USB Dac/Amp but it's not plugged in. right now after wake up I got a lot of this error 2020-03-03 19:09:43.386591+0100 0x63af Default 0x0 1004 0 VLC: (CoreAudio) [com.apple.coreaudio:AudioHAL_Client] HALC_ProxyIOContext.cpp:1068:IOWorkLoop: HALC_ProxyIOContext::IOWorkLoop: skipping cycle due to overload 2020-03-03 19:09:43.392711+0100 0x63b0 Error 0x0 132 0 coreaudiod: [com.apple.coreaudio:AudioHAL_Server] HALS_IOA1Engine.cpp:365:EndWriting: HALS_IOA1Engine::EndWriting: got an error from the k
  8. I think I isolate the error to this one; coreaudiod: [com.apple.coreaudio:AudioHAL_Server] HALS_IOA1Engine.cpp:365:EndWriting: HALS_IOA1Engine::EndWriting: got an error from the kernel trap, Error: 0xE00002EE but don't know were to begin with
  9. this is the log from boot, I did a sleep/wakeup session as well and audio was broken, I don't know what to look for though log_sleep_wakeup.txt.zip
  10. wow that's a lot of stuff to look in to it. This problem that i'm having is kind of random, wake up works perfect than the next sleep/wake up it's broken, like right now I did 3 sleep/wake up and it's ok... I did change the keyboard because I feel that the one that i'm using (Apple 2007 A1243) it's giving tricking me
  11. native, one think that I notice is ioreg errors on USB where the Keyboard is connected Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 08.19.27.zip
  12. the thing is that even if I disable Audio in Bios and remove AppleALC.kext and use only USB DAC I still get distorted/stutter Audio after wake up
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