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  1. Hey I got also the i7-8750H, I wonder if lowering the tdp data does help saving energy? Also what is that 600 value which I cannot seem to find at intel’s website and current post Data folder contains the cpu but instead of 600 it has there a 500 value. How do you get default value for a cpu and how do you define which value is better? Thanks.
  2. I got it fixed! And I was right it had nothing to do with your work. For anyone with the same issue, I found out that it was caused by the audio, ALC256 is known to have static noise issue which should be fixed in order to make the cpu work properly! I was using a solution that onemanosx pointed me to, but it was not loading at startup which was weird. I did a clean install and voila, working perfectly now! Perfectly working Hackintosh now
  3. I am, deleted the mouse and trackpad plugin but yeah I am using the keyboard one
  4. Nice I can actually see something but not with every special key for example if I press F11 nothing happens (which should be my brightness down) same with F12 which I want as brightness up but if I press Fn+F11 it is typed in the terminal windows: [[23~ and if I press Fn+F12 it types: ^[[24~ Edit: Got some ACPIDebug lines but they are kind of the same and they happened all at once. A couple seconds later same thing happened and it now ended the show log of ACPIDebug by itself. Terminal Saved Output.txt
  5. Is it possible for you to take a look of why ACPI patch is not applying properly? I tried patching it with latest MaciASL and verified that ACPIDebug.kext loaded but I was not seeing any ACPIDebug output in the system log. Thanks. BIOS DSDT.aml.zip
  6. I did and same thing happens, I do not think it is either the DSDT not the config plist it might be because I someday replaced the AppleHDA with a non vanilla one or some other problem because it happened to me also with my previos ssdts and config so I will try to reinstall macOS Mojave and see what happens.
  7. Oh that's it with VoodooI2C then, thanks! Last thing I don't have working is proper audio, I want to use vanilla apple had + appleALC and I should use layout id = 13 according to AppleALC resources (ALC3246). If I inject 1,3 or any other with clover I get no audio but I get dynamic cpu power management while if I use layout 13 I have audio but cpu is always at 3.4GHz.
  8. I get this according to the kernel log: VodooI2CControllerDriver::VoodooI2CDeviceNub Warning: Incompatible APIC interrupt pin (0x33 > 0x2f) and no GPIO interrupts found; if your chosen satellite implements polling then VoodooI2CDeviceNub will run in polling mode. Send me Juans-MacBook.zip
  9. Thanks man! It seems that my laptop is running really smooth now! I will get the voodooi2c patch and it it’s reaaady
  10. Hmmm I am not sure then what it is, I can boot with my config.plist and Bios.aml, but I can’t with the dsdt.aml nor the Bios.aml with your config.plist I can boot with your coffe lake mobos 300 efi folder, does it work if I get a new Send Me with it?
  11. Tried so and no luck, tried different config.plist and none worked not even my current one. May it be the dsdt?
  12. I know is better to use a patched dsdt, as your one post I read from you of the benefits of having a patched dsdt. I am not good at patching the dsdt, can you patch my dsdt? Send me Juans-MacBook.zip
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