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  1. sorry fake pciid is already installed with airportBRCM (believe that is fakesmc,,,,)
  2. thanks but if i install fakepciid.kext my laptop reboots( for info got your config.plist, the one for kaby lake)
  3. hello there ! after the changes that don't work GRRR really this card makes me crazy idk what to do, i'm so frustrated......please help ! Send me macbook-pro.home.zip
  4. Hello ppl i've find the solution for my 330-15ikb with a dw1820A!!!!!!(with help of hoang lê !!!! if you have the same reboot problem you just have to disabled you lan in bios and it goes alone !!!!! Maldon could you help me make work this bullsh,,, card please idk what to do now . Send me macbook-pro.home.zip
  5. Hello all This is my progress about dw1820A , it's compatible with my lenovo 330-15 ikb (tested under w10) and works very fine, still testing under macos mojave 10,14.4 Let you know if i find something (help asked on other forum and if i've an answer credits will go to him(or her)
  6. Hello I'm desperate even when i install the last clover build.....don't work the bcm 94350zae is compatible with a lenovo 330-15ikb ?
  7. No it's not the bios cause it's really a simple one would you have a look of my picture and give me your feelings please ? it's the link for my img http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=19/13/3zj5.jpg
  8. ok i'm going to investigate thanks !
  9. my problem about a message when i put my wifi car in my laptop and when i removed it my laptop boot normally
  10. Hello Yes i know but when i removed the wifi card there's no message at all , and my laptop boot normally !!!!!!!
  11. Hum i say it in the first post , and i don't know what idk does measn (now i understand) so my wifi and bt card is a dw1820A bcm 94350zae(m2 ngff) Thanks
  12. Hello idk ? maybe it's bcm94350zae? it's that ? or m2 ngff? sorry i'm not a pro !
  13. Hello all ! I've got 2 problems 1: hdmi makes my laptop freeze 2: bought a dw1820a (bcm94350zae) and it freeze with this message : acpiBatteryManagement WARNING Fmaxcapacity > fdesigncapacity adjusted fmaxcapacity from 4127 to 4828 (removed the clover folder cause i've got bcrmkext ,acpi battery bcrm and other kexts that i need )the file is too big please Help Send me mbp-de-thom.home 2.zip
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