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  1. For some reason the partition is briked, if you have any idea what to do.
  2. Thank you for answering, I changed the EFI to clover with a generic configuration and I get the same error, I do not want to format the MacOs disk because I have some files that I want to recover. I also don't know if from windows you can access the APFS file system.
  3. I have this nice kernel panic after the upgrade, I know it's something of the SSD, for some reason it conflicts with the IOAHCIfamily.kext z77x ud5h i7 3770k RX 480
  4. Amd 7850 Works without patches. you just have to connect it to the Display Port, DVI does not work without applying framebuffer, in mojave and the latest version of High Sierra Apple has changed the Framebuffer, now it's AMD 400x. At the moment there is no possibility of taking the image by the DVI.
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