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Hackintosh Specs

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    intel core i3-1005g1
  • Motherboard
    asus x509ja
  • GPU
    intek uhd g1 graphics
  1. this is the quirks section. is it good ? also added -igfxvesa but still same kernel panic
  2. hi i have an asus x509ja laptop and i flashed the olarila big sur image and i used the icelake efi from : EFI Folder for all Chipsets well i got a kernel panic please help and thanks in advance specs : i3-1005g1 w/ intel uhd g1 graphics 12gb ddr4 ram (8 & 4) sata 240gb ssd picture of issue: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ruOIXiQK-USVfLjgOPXIFFsX5oTinXcs?usp=sharing
  3. so im trying to install catalina on my laptop (specs below) and as soon as i select install mac os from opencore menu it displays " this version of mac os is not supported on this platform /n reason: mac-4f8702efe386aa28 " i used the olarilla image with the ice lake opencore efi from : EFI folder for all chipsets idk if catalina is the issue so i'm currently downloading the big sur plz help if you have any solution and thx in advance i can use windows 10 20h2 or elemntary os 5.1 atm btw specs: asus x509ja i3-1005g1 - intel uhd g1 graphics 12gb ddr4 (1x4,1x8)
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