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  1. Hi all. Who can tell me how to fix UHD Graphics 620 on BigSur with Clover
  2. I mean that. In OpenCore required add ssdt's to ACPI, kexts in Kernel and so on. What about Clover. I'm not sure. Or thats enough to paste kexts in Kexts\Other and to paste SSDT's in ACPI\Patch folder?
  3. Thanks. But what about kexts, patches, dsdt's/ssdt's?
  4. Hi. How to switch from working OpenCore to clover? The reason for this transition is that the OpenCore does not booting Windows 10, which is installed on the same disk, and there are no problems with this in the clover
  5. May be video of booting Big Sur helps? Or do you know who can help me on this issue?
  6. I tried. Unsuccessful. Even first step of installation wasnt started. Whats the problem in this issue in your opinion?
  7. Here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-23a42ZXgnZNwdOzXgby31zmv9cDfPa5/view?usp=sharing
  8. Thanks. I have Catalina where most devices work perfect and Big Sur where most devices doesnt work. In which OS should make Full Dump?
  9. WiFi Broadcom doesnt work. Video also. Big Sur booting too slow. Any idea?
  10. Im trying it right now. It seems the right decision because there is progress Everything is ok. Thank you very much. Unfortunately kexts those worked in Catalina doesnt work in Big Sur. Im gonna work on these problems
  11. Hi. I installed Big Sur on my HP Probook 430 G5. I used customized EFI from Olarila (Clover Folders -- NOTEBOOKS CHIPSET SERIES 10, 20 (SKYLAKE / KABYLAKE) All installation steps completed successfully. But Big Sur doesnt start first time. I cant understand what the problem. Could anyone help me on this issue?
  12. I have installed one more time from scratch. Everything is ok. All problems are solved
  13. I have add the patch and have successfully install OS Catalina. Thank you very much. Now bluetooth is not working and WiFi connects after 2-3 minutes. Broadcom BCM94352Z. Any ideas? Added in 30 minutes 2 seconds: I have solved this problem. Onemanosx thank you for advise
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