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  1. Thanks will try it out. I was using .97. That might be the reason why. I think I tried it with an earlier version also and had issues. Found out that merely extracting the RAW image from the bz2 file and using WinImager worked fine as well.
  2. What is up with the images at this location? None of them want to burn correctly. Tried Balena Etcher and WinImager both. Keep getting errors with checksum not matching. Tried multiple USB sticks and different ports (USB 2.0 and 3.0) with no luck. Tried in both Windows and MacOS. Is there an issue with the images? I tried both the new Catalina and the newest Mojave with no luck. Thanks
  3. MaLd0n, I asked the other day and know you are busy. What files do I use that are the same? The files in the EFI folder? I tried those with no luck. Or the files in the Runme zip file? confused. Thanks
  4. What changes were made? I don't see any difference. Am I to use the files from the same EFI folder from this location? https://filebin.net/0s48tge08th3ntge/EFI.zip?t=hbevu3to If so then still have the same problems. 1. Still 3-4 black screen before login 2. Graphics show Intel HD Graphics CFL CRB 1536 MB instead of Intel HD 630 3. Battery still drains. 4. System information still shows both the Intel HD 630 and Nvidia Graphics. 5. USB headphones only work with one speaker instead of both. Thanks
  5. Had to create new post to put correct links to the files. Runme https://filebin.net/0s48tge08th3ntge/Send_me_MSIs-iMac.zip?t=hbevu3to EFI Folder https://filebin.net/0s48tge08th3ntge/EFI.zip?t=hbevu3to
  6. I had a DSDT edited on here thanks to you guys. Problems still having: 1. Battery drain. Just running Cinebench takes up about 15-20% of the battery. The battery has dropped from 100% to 70% in the last 5 minutes. The laptop lasts with Windows 10 for 4-5 hours with no issues at all. 2. Intel HD 630 still not showing up correctly. 3. Black screen for 3-4 minutes between verbose and login screen. Sometimes it goes straight to the Apple logo and progress bar and to the login. Most of the time it takes 3-4 minutes of black screen to get there. 4. USB headphones only work with one speaker instead of both. 5. Nvidia shows up in System Information (hence an issue its not disabled). Any help would be really, really appreciated. Everything else seems to be working fine. bluetooth, Wifi, Airdrop, Ethernet, Sidecar, etc. Just these few others issues to work out is all that is needing done. I have tried everything in my possible mind to sort these out with no luck at all. I have tried reinstalling and redoing it probably about 5 times in the last few days. Running macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76) Runme https://filebin.net/enjbemdex2z438uw/Send_me_MSIs-iMac.zip?t=d8uhemet EFI folder https://filebin.net/0bdj5v4752z8iv9r/Send_me_MSIs-iMac.zip?t=sdwivzkj Thanks again.
  7. DSDT Request. Is it possible to get the DSDT patched to make the battery work along with the fans by chance? MSI GF63 Thin 9SC-257 i5-9300H Kingston NVMe 256gb SSD Samsung 860 Evo 1tb SSD Geforce 1650 Max-Q 8gb DDR4 I managed to get Catalina installed on it with Wifi, Bluetooth, Sidecar, Airdrop, Sound and battery status showing but it drains fairly quick. NOW THE BATTERY STATUS INDICATOR WILL NOT EVEN STAY UP ON THE MENU BAR. CHOOSE THE OPTION IN THE POWER SETTINGS AND IT JUST DISAPPEARS AS SOON AS I CHECK IT. the Intel hD 630 still shows up as Intel HD Graphics CFL CRB 1536mb. It shows full acceleration (screensaver works, Chess game runs smoothly) but I get that annoying 3-4 minute black screen lag between the verbose screen and the login for Catalina that I have not been able to figure out at all. Weird thing is sometimes (and I mean very rarely) I see the apple logo and progress bar and it boots into the login screen pretty quick... but that is probably a 1 out of 20 tries. The graphics doesn't even show up in system information or anything. The display tab in system information shows nothing at all which is kinda weird. Also wanted to try to verify that the dGPU 1650 Maz-Q is disabled also in DSDT. Attached are the EFI folders and Runme.app results. The DSDT was already patched before from Olarila. EFI folder https://filebin.net/rrm8dwcwvz8oj2yw/EFI.zip?t=3981hx41 Runme.app results https://filebin.net/rrm8dwcwvz8oj2yw/Send_me_Brads-Macbook-Pro.zip?t=3981hx41 Thanks for any help. It is much appreciated.
  8. Bootlog attached also. What is working: Audio Ethernet Camera (using Function + F6 keys) Facetime (Through Ethernet until wifi card arrives) iMessage (Through Ethernet until wifi card arrives) All USB ports seem to be working fine. They are listed using Hackintool as: HS02 (USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C), HS03 (USB 3.2 (Gen 1 Type-A), HS04 (USB 3.2 (Gen 1 Type-A), HS05 (USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A). Don't think full speeds are there though but not really sure that is an issue either. Would be nice to have full speed on them. Brightness functions in Display settings works fine. Can't figure out how to work them with keyboard though. Not working: Intel HD 630 Graphics. Doesn't show up in System Information and listed as Intel HD 630 CFL CRB 1536 MB. Graphics seems to work fine. No lag noticed. Youtube videos play fine with no lag. Still get the black screen which takes about 3-4 minutes to get past once it passes the verbose screen. Can't figure out how to get rid of that. Also need to why the Intel HD 630 doesn't show up in the System Information and need to verify if the Nvidia 1650 is disabled or not. Bootlog attached. MSI GF63 Thin 9SC-257 Bootlog.zipBootlog attached.
  9. My device id for my graphics is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3E9B&SUBSYS_127E1462&REV_00 I first went into the config file and put in 3E9B0009 for the graphics id platform and removed it from the fake id settings. Rebooted and the verbose and apple logo came up and went into the OS right away. Graphics still was showing the same thing {Intel HD Graphics CFL CRB 1536MB) so I went and changed it to 3E9B0006 ad rebooted and it went to verbose and then black screen for about 3 minutes before coming up to the login prompt. So I changed it back to the 3E9B0009 and rebooted and instead of verbose and apple logo and quick login to OS it went to verbose and then black screen for 3 minutes before it got to login prompt and still shows the intel HD Graphic CFL CRB 1536mb. What do you mean use Olarila folder? Which folder? And how do I do the patch if needed? Also when I go into System information and choose Graphics Display it shows no adapters. Doesn't show the Intel HD or the Nvidia 1650 graphics. And this is all after placing the DSDT.aml you uploaded into the ACPI/Patched folder in EFI. Thanks
  10. Ok managed to get Catalina 10.15.3 installed. What a pain it was too. It boots up without USB attached using Legacy mode on my BIOS. I have to enter BIOS and choose Legacy mode to boot to it. Then when I want to use Windows 10 on the other drive (NVMe) I have to choose UEFI with CSM. This is fine with me. Figure the only way to get it working. Problem: When booting in Legacy into Catalina 10.15.3 it gets to the Clover screen and I choose the HDD (Samsung 1tb 860 Evo SSD) and hit enter. It goes through the verbose screen then goes to black screen for at least 3-4 minutes with nothing. If I just enter my password on the keyboard and hit enter and give it a minute then Catalina comes up or after hitting keys on keyboard after a few minutes. Not sure why it does that. Graphics is showing as Intel HD Graphics CFL CRB 1536 MB when the graphics are Intel HD 630. I have gone into the config.plist and made the supposedly necessary changes needed. ACPI Tab: GFX0 to iGPU: Find: 47465830 Replace: 49475055 HECI to IMEI: Find: 48454349 Replace: 494D4549 Boot Tab: nv_disable=1 - checked -disablegfxfirmware - checked Devices Tab: IntelGFX listed as 0x059168086 Graphics tab: Inject Intel - checked ig-platform-id: 0x59120000 Attached are files including DSDT dump, Runme app results and copy of EFI folder. SendMe Runme app results: https://filebin.net/ps1skyo0yhdrgp99/Send_me_Brads-iMac.zip?t=o92nr76l EFI Folder https://filebin.net/ps1skyo0yhdrgp99/EFI.zip?t=ma3r8mqm DSDT Files: Archive.zip
  11. As for the F11 thing I can see all HDD (NVMe and SATA SSD) if I choose Legacy mode in BIOS, but that doesn't seem to do me any good when it is setup to boot UEFI mode or UEFI with CSM. Would I likely have to setup Clover to Legacy mode vs UEFI mode?
  12. Finally managed to get Mojave installed and was able to dump the DSDT files this time. Attached are DSDT files and Runme results. Right now running Mojave 10.14.1. Have not managed to get it to boot without USB drive. Right now this is what is working: Ethernet with AtherosE2200Ethernet-V2.2.2 kext file. Sound. Battery indicator shows up. The only way I was able to even to get any type of install was with using the Niresh Mojave usb. I could not even get it to do anything with the Olarila image at all. But for odd reason I cannot even get the boot drive to show up at all when I hit F11 on startup to choose boot device. The only way I can see the boot drive is when I use the USB Installer. It is a Kingston NVMe drive. I even get the same results with my Samsung 860 Evo SATA SSD. I don't see any of the devices at the F11 screen when I boot up. All I see is the USB drive and UEFI: PXE IP4 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and UEFI: PXE IP6 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. The system is being booted up with bios set to UEFI with CSM. I found a Github link that had files for EFI from someone who was trying to get install done but no luck. At least I got install done and was able to copy the EFI folder over and add my DSDT files in place of it. This is what allowed the sound to work along with the battery percentage. I have no idea what is going and why this thing won't boot without USB and why it won't see the drives when I choose F11. DSDT Archive.zip Send me Brads-iMac.zip
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