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  1. Hi man, i have the same MBP, with 8GB Ram, in this case you gonna try the Catalina's path to make a usb boot driver w/ this mod. But on my case the battery worked less than 2 hours and system do not run faster like High Sierra and CPU Fan cooler running up 4000 rpm making a lot of noise. Now i am using Linux Fedora 32 to work with MSCode to Python R. and C# the Battery working a lil' bit good than on macOs Catalina and CPU fan noise less http://dosdude1.com/catalina/
  2. . A RX550 tem que ter Processadores de fluxo de 640 unidades em diante. para rodar a Engineer do Metal base dos novos MacOS
  3. Oi, MaLd0n Sensacional o seu trabalho aqui, muito obrigado desde já. segue meu arquivo. Send me iMac-de-ziano.zip
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