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  1. Hi friends ! Need a dsdt patch . Here is my RunMe files attached with a google drive link . Have to mention that i have an Asus MoBo using a Thunderbolt EX3 card . Thanks ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/121LSkLS1AVbfzjnwjUTcBFax1mvnV11S/view?usp=drivesdk
  2. Hi maldon ! Let me go slow I know you all have a lot off things lol . The TB card works on my system . Right now the only thing is that strange icon that after all the quest result to be the thunderbolt security setting issue . Right now im running the card at * not security * setting on Bios . The audio card have to be on before powering on the PC and it boot normally except for the annoying icon and some strange things like sometimes it won't get recognize when OS boot . note : ( IF I don't use dsdt the icon won't appear ) The normal way to operate the card is with the s
  3. HI all ! Found this but I don't know if its can be done an applies to mi issue : https://github.com/KhaosT/tb3-enabler There someone here that work with thunderbolt ? Thanks !
  4. Ok I have a BIG UPDATE here . Well first of all thanks MaLdon and onemanox for your time and help . This is the thing . I have a Thunderbolt EX3 on my Asus MB as you know . The Inner Bios of this card have a Security Level setting . It have 3 options : 1.No Security 2.User Authorization 3.Secure Connect 4.Display Port Only The icon issue happens with the setting #1 ( no security ) but the Interface works fine and boot within the PC Bios when is loading . Ive test the other 2 ( #2 and #3 ) and the icon displays a menu like it is working right BUT my interface i
  5. Tried but same thing . So its a usb conflict or issue . I have a lot of USB devices . Can be a usb Bios setting ? Thanks
  6. Hi again here it is the RunMe result with the DSDT you gave me . Hope is not the thunderbolt , my main audio interface ( I work audio recording ) is thunderbolt and runs perfect . Thanks again for your time ! Send me emdrs-iMac-Pro.zip
  7. Used dropbox to share here instead . https://www.dropbox.com/s/ij4ehbge7fnns1y/Send%20me%20emdrs-iMac-Pro.zip?dl=0 Thanks !
  8. I gonna sent you on PM because is says its to large to attach it here ( 3.5MB ) Also is on the DSDT request section just in case .
  9. Here is the video and sorry for my english ! :-/ I don't know if the DSDT has to do with all the hardware installed but originally when I request my first dsdt I have another video card and i received the Radeon 580 arrived yesterday and this thing started after installing it . Don't know if I have to redo the DSDT request again . Please let me know video-1549570286.mp4
  10. Hi one onemanox great to know !! BUT in my case I can't click the icon . If I click it then the icon and all the icons goes to the right direction and hide . I can only see the hour and wifi the they come back again after a second . In your pictures see a menu something that I don't have. I think something wierd is happening on my setup and I don't know what it is ! Im gonna try to post a video of it here .
  11. Well if I put back the DSDT the icon return I can post a video if you will ! Thanks !
  12. Hi MaLdon ive just discovered it is the DSDT file is causing a strange issue with graphics . If I remove it it can cause that thing . BTW it cause my system to freeze randomly . Im gonna submit the RunME again just in case . See OP here : https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=8808 THANKS ! Send me emdrs-iMac-Pro.zip
  13. Hi MaLdon ive just discovered it is the DSDT file . If I remove it it can cause that thing . BTW it cause my system to freeze randomly . Im gonna submit the RunME again just in case . Send me emdrs-iMac-Pro.zip
  14. Hi friend ! Im trying to find what this icon mean ( look like a USB or a microwave door lol ) . If came after installing a saphire 580 that I got from ebay (I don't know if it is related tough ) . The weird thing Is that if I click the icon it just hides and come back again after a few seconds . lol Chris Batenchuk is helping me with it . Does anyone know WTH is this thing ? Thanks !
  15. I forgot to upload my another system sorry . If it can be done I need this one too and THANKSagain for your time and effort im gonna do my donation to the cause for sure ! This a : i5 4440 MSI b85m-e45 Send me homes-MBP.lan.zip
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