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  1. When I choose Sierra it does download the image. It think it's related to the running OS which is High Sierra. When I choose to download High Sierra it just downloads the installer, not the image. Download doesn't take a minute, probably because I'm already running High Sierra.
  2. I'm able to run it now but it just download the installer, not the image itself. Maybe it's supposed to run like this but I hoped to download a vanilla image for future use. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  3. What do I need to do to get the TP Link Archer working in an older High Sierra build? Is it just plug and play? The room where I plan to use the build has no wired internet and I can get this card new for 35$ which looks like a good deal when I compare it to other Europe shopping sites.
  4. Getting an error that I'm not allowed to use it, rights revoked.
  5. I'm getting this error, continue or not? Thanks a million! edit: think I'm on the right track with this link. https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/quick-guide-to-generate-a-ssdt-for-cpu-power-management.177456/ Scope (_PR_) {222 bytes} with ACPI Processor declarations found in DSDT (ACPI 1.0 compliant)Generating ssdt.dsl for a 'iMac17,1' with board-id [Mac-B809C3757DA9BB8D] Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K processor [0x206A7] setup [0x0603] With a maximum TDP of 95 Watt, as specified by Intel Number logical CPU's: 4 (Core Frequency: 3300 MHz) Number of Turbo States: 4 (3400-3700 MHz) Nu
  6. This should be it I think. DSDT.zip
  7. If someone could check my DSDT please. I've been fiddling around and it doesn't always boot. Just wired some digital beers. hack.zip
  8. Think I got it sorted, I made an error while installing Clover. Will continue tomorrow to see how it goes.
  9. Thx, but I must be doing something wrong, or something is not right. I tried like ten installs etc already. As soon as I unplug the USB stick it boots directly to the bios. What I do: 1, Install from stick. Tried two different ones, your High Sierra imaged burned with win32diskimager on one stick and another stick done with Etcher. 2. Boot in OSX. 3. Install Clover. 4. Mount EFI in Clover Configurator. 5. Copy contents of Clover Chipset folder to EFI/Clover folder. 6. Copy your DSDT file to patched folder. Is this the normal procedure or am I missing something? Thx
  10. Hi, First of all, thanks for your massive work. After getting an almost new pc I was figuring out what to do with the old one. I've been reading and trying for a week orso but since I stumbled on your site everything sped up! Since today I got High Sierra running on a 2500k, Asrock Z68 board with integrated graphics. The goal is to use it for Traktor & Rekordbox (DJ programs) In attach my zip file, dineros will follow soon. Thx in advance. edit: nevermind my request, there seems to be something wrong with my boot. It's requesting the usb stick again and I'm sure
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