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  • CPU
    I5 9600k
  • Motherboard
    Asus PRIME Z390A
  • GPU
    RX 570
  1. I think this time I got it so my set up is intel i5 9600k 16gb ram pro Asus prime z390a my problem are freezing after 20 to 30 minutes of uses sleep once go to sleet it doesn't mater which key i click it wont wake up i have to turn off comply . Send me Ethans-iMac.fios-router.home.zip
  2. new to the whole hackintosh here is my folder as far I know my wifi work perfectly and the sound GPU I haven't try to play any big game but I guess this make the hackintosh more stable intel i5 9600k Asus prime z390A 16GB RAM CORSAIR PRO RGB AND IT TOOK ME 3 WEEKS TO MAKE WORK. I GUESS YOU WANT YOUR BHAMA. LOL Send me iMac.fios-router.home.zip
  3. When I try to install the macOs Mojave from USB I got all the text karnel but when it supposed to boot to the macOs installation the monitor said no HDMI and the monitor get blank Like it is turn off . Any help
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