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  1. Hi Mald0n, Not sure what you did, but sadly it stopped my laptop from booting, stuck at the Apple logo screen with a full bar underneath it, takes about 20 mins to get to that stage and then freezes Thanks for trying though nayga73 **Update** Finally got Battery Stats working
  2. HI Maldon, Needing your mad skills in regards to my DSDT for my probook 440g5 using Opencore 0.5.8 Currently Trackpad,Battery stats,Brightness, and Display not working correctly https://we.tl/t-UUnvWTVXDi Your time and efforts are appreciated! nayga73 **Update 1** Graphics/Display now working **Update 2** Still no Trackpad or Battery stats and Bluetooth seems to make OC not boot, had to turn the entries to False in config.plist, any tips? **Update 3** Bluetooth no longer causing boot loc up, but doesn't show up in System Preferences,i'm getting closer 😛
  3. Hi MaLd0n, Had to completely rebuild my probook 430 g3,but I've used Catalina instead of Mojave, if you could sort my DSDT for Opencore, that would be smashing https://filebin.net/42nemjerqnsa8bfi nayga73
  4. Sorry MaLd0n! It was the DSDT file I should've uploaded!!My apologies! https://we.tl/t-t5E5uHxAtG nayga73
  5. Hey MaLd0n! I'm trying to get battery stats working for a HP Probook 440G5, I think I uploaded the correct run me file, however, I think I may have the wrong one uploaded, my brain is not functioning well these days due to illness I can't seem to attach my run me file for some reason either?? link for run me file : https://we.tl/t-r03M8fL6xl For the awesome work you do, I have donated nayga73
  6. I'm such an idiot, I was messing about trying to get a DW1820A working and did not back up my config.plist file, therefore had to start from scratch again!It's a HP Probook 430 G3 If you could kindly sort my brightness and Battery stats, that would be amazing!Your patience is appreciated! Kind Regards nayga73 DSDT.aml.zip
  7. HIya, Could you please patch dsdt please? looking to get working battery stats and brightness For a Probook 430 G3 Thanks in advance! nayga73 Send me Conrads-MBP.zip
  8. HI ya, I have a Probook 430 G3 I'm trying to setup for someone.i don't have audio,hdmi,backlight,battery, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be smashing. thanks in advance nayga73 Send me Conrads-iMac.zip
  9. Thanks MaLd0n Will try that and see what I can get done with it Once again thanks for the effort and time
  10. Hi ya, Still nothing on the battery indicator, status is 0% when power adaptor plugged in or out Brightness and hibernate working though Many thanks for your work and effort nayga73
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for the add Trying to get battery status and brightness working ,everything else is working for a hp elitebook9470m, if you could help, that would be awesome nayga73 edit: sleep and hibernation would be good to Send me Conrads-Air.zip DSDT.aml.zip
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