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    NVIDIA Quadro K2200 4GB
  1. hi guys I have been trying for a few days with different dsdt files to get a working battery percentage on this Lenovo Thinkpad laptop no methods I have tried have worked so far. I tried to do it myself, but it's out of the realm of my capability on this machine. I have done others before no problem everything else is working great appreciate the help, thank you! here is a link to my RunMe Files ---> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FSiXMdu4GkBlUq9IUQSZkHkrqLwdmCrd
  2. having real trouble with audio can someone please help out? cheers Send me Codeys-iMac.zip
  3. Tried two previous DSDT from other laptops. Acer N53S and the Toshiba Tecra you did recently. neither would boot I have managed to get trackpad tap to click working. happy to send you some beer funds for this DSDT if you can be bothered to do it for me. I will not mind if you can't be Cheers MaLd0n!
  4. Last DSDT patch I will need for a while. this will be my 3rd golden build once I install a new wifi card. having trouble with battery percentage. mainly want to fix tap to click. voodoops2 not working 100% doesn't show preferences. two finger scroll is working. no sound but will prob use voodooHDA unless DSDT patch fixes audio. the last last laptop I got a DSDT for was too old to run anything well. I gave it to a friend as a spare windows machine. thanks for everything. really hoping tap to click and battery percentage will work on this HP ProBook 4230s. thanks again. Olarila rules
  5. Hey all, I have recently managed to get Olarila El Capitan on an old Toshiba Tecra A9 Laptop. I'm running into a bit of brick wall with it though. I haven't successfully been able to inject ANY USB ports yet. I had to burn the installer to a HDD and then install the OS internally with HDD because USB ports kept getting STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE . I have used USBINJECTALL and still no luck I was hoping someone could help patch in the USB ports, then at least I will be able to use my USB WIFI adapter that natively works and I can figure out the rest myself. THANKYOU! ( I had to physicall
  6. this is an old DSDT, I have since got a RX 560, however I can't get graphics acceleration to work. Was wondering if you could please have a look over my runme files and see if anything needs adjusting. I thought this card would work without any kext patching had to kext patch for radeon hd 6850 and it was not easy thank you! - BTW , thought it was time I made a donation. thanks again Send me Codeys-iMac.zip
  7. hey MaLd0n, I've worked really hard at getting this old mobo to run high Sierra. has taken me about two weeks. finally I have an Olarila High Sierra image installed, I'm stoked! it would be an amazing end to the project if you could please patch a DSDT for me. apologies for continually posting regarding this board, I'm sure you have seen it before here and on FB. It's my birthday tomorrow, and I would love to get this fully, 100% working, if you deem it necessary after looking at the runme files. I understand I probably can't get this PCI wifi card working. I really appreciate a
  8. Oops yes, I confused the socket and chipset lol GPU working now, but 'about this Mac' shows all ram slots are empty?? I have 3 x 2GB ram sticks. Have tried reseating ram. Because of this I am unable to generate a ssdt to fix shutdown. how do I get ram slots to be recognised properly?? Happy to learn. Thankyou !
  9. This has been the most difficult hackintosh project i've ever done!! Really old board DFI Lanparty 9400M T2RS. Core 2 Due e6300. nvidia igpu but I'm using a quadro k2200. LGA775 chipset. Took me two and a half days to a decently fast build of clover and OS installed. could someone please patch this DSDT for me to optimise the system performance? i have no graphics acceleration and have to boot with nv_disable=1. Running Yosemite 10.10.1 with the hopes of updating to 10.10.5. The El Capitan installer just reboots my system so i think Yosemite is the limit for this build. Thanks so much for the
  10. Thankyou MaLd0n! I'm only just getting a chance to apply this patch now. Appreciate it so much!
  11. Hey All I got given an Asus N53S the other day. So I decided to turn it into a Hackintosh It's all working great! I have Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and AirPlay working. I'm having problems with audio though Also - the laptop doesn't shut down properly. Could I please have a DSDT patched for this laptop? Many Thanks!! -Codey Send me Codeys-MBP.zip
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AaG3u0f-n4wJ9p4EYhIJQZE6n6IastDN/view?usp=sharing here is a google drive link of my Run_Me Files
  13. Hey guys! With the help of this guide I patched the correct kext required to get my TP-Link PCI Wireless adapter running! Trouble is, it won't see any networks It looks like the Country Code might be set to China? I am in Australia. Computer freezes when shutting down, I have run SSDT Automator but from looking online freezes looked to come hand in hand with enabling this card / kext. Would you mind having a look for me? Also the Send Me file is too large It's zipped on my desktop
  14. this is what's happening now - I'm sorry - I know I'm in the wrong forum - im new to this and don't know where to go. can you please point me in the right direction to get this card to see a network?
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