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  1. Hi, Am I going to be fine upgrading to Big Sur with this config? Is it ok to do it with Clover? @MaLd0n Thanks!
  2. Yes, I'll do that. I'm not sure where to look for patched DSDT and SSDT for my setup?
  3. Apart from the kexts in your 'EFI OpenCore Chipset Series' archive, I currently also have those installed (per your advice): AMDRadeonPro, AppleIntelE1000e, EFICheckDisabler, EFICheckDisabler, FakeSMC, NoVPAJpeg. Should I keep and update them, or are they no longer necessary for my build? Thanks!
  4. Ok thanks a lot, I'll check your post!
  5. Btw, no need to change config.plist file and/or DSDT files if I use OpenCore?
  6. Ok I'll try that, thanks for your time
  7. Thank you chief! Is it worth it going with Open Core?
  8. Hi, I'm thinking about upgrading from Mojave, am I going to be fine? What are the main changes for a Catalina install? Thanks!
  9. [ref]onemanosx[/ref], a quick update to say older versions don't work either. I'm giving up for now, as I'm out of options... Thanks for your time anyway
  10. I’ll try a few versions and see how it goes. Ok I see, yes I always format the install volume when upgrading the system. Thanks again for your time!
  11. A clean install of Sierra? Not sure I'm following you Yes I'm looking already but unless I'm mistaken, no information is given regarding the corresponding version of MacOS What bothers me is many people have ALC1150 work with Mojave and I can't replicate what seems to work elsewhere
  12. Right, was from Sierra but I installed Mojave over it, maybe I can find what version it was, I'll check.
  13. Thank you [ref]onemanosx[/ref], then I don't understand what's wrong. All I hear are small clicks and pops when I play a file. Same config as what used to work on previous versions of MacOS. Weird...
  14. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Um2HVKbI664G7THRqhS4xrfD2G6Crtlh?usp=sharing
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